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Awesome thanks for letting me know Apr 26, 2019

nemisispringer was last seen:
Apr 14, 2024 at 5:49 PM
    1. Max Tower
      Max Tower
      If you have MFT Power suits or accessories you want to sell I might be interested.

      Let me know if you do and what and what you wanted for them price wise ?

      1. nemisispringer
        I have a few I put up in the UK thread, I'll pm you the pic seen as I can't post them here.
        Nov 30, 2019
    2. Soundwavelover2004
      Happy bday have a great day
    3. nemisispringer
      Awesome thanks for letting me know
    4. Max Tower
      Max Tower
      Just a quick note to say Items arrived fine and I left a positive comment on the Junkion Exchange for you too.
    5. Max Tower
      Max Tower
      Thanks for letting me know
    6. Max Tower
      Max Tower
      Thanks I have paid you just now.
    7. Max Tower
      Max Tower
      HI, Can you do this lot for £60.00 shipped ?

      All 4 of the kabaya kits
      WIP Ratchet & Ironhide
      Nemesis Breaker
      Clear WST Bumblebee
      Thundercracker EZ series
      including Postage ?
      1. nemisispringer
        Apr 19, 2019
    8. nemisispringer
      The barrel on his back is a little loose but holds ok. Looking for £12 for him.
    9. nemisispringer
      That is a generation toy Megatron kit not the KO. He has been painted and some joints tightened with clear nail polish
    10. nemisispringer
      Energon wingsabre is £45 missing his missiles and some sun fading on the chest.
    11. nemisispringer
      Magnus and jetfire were in a different set to Ginrai and classics prime, all are complete except Magnus missing his gun all £5 each
    12. nemisispringer
      The Thundercracker is Takara EZ collection Thundercracker Looking for £12 for him as he is rare.
    13. nemisispringer
      That’s primemaster prima who came with counterpunch looking for £5 for him.
    14. Max Tower
      Max Tower
      HI I had another look at your images

      What is the titanmaster/primemaster in the middle of one of the pics ?
      how much for him
      How much for Legion Classics style G1 Thundercracker
      I also just spotted the other Kabaya above Optimus - so that was a set of 4 was it ?

      how much for Energon Wingsaber is and if he has his missiles
      and I would also like to ask if that is a KBB or Generation Toy Megatron ?

      Thanks again
    15. nemisispringer
      No further items for sale other than what is pictured
    16. nemisispringer
      They are both complete with both guns they came with. No boxes or instructions for any of those items
    17. Max Tower
      Max Tower
      Also do you have any other Win pocket to sell not shown - like their Scourge or Blurr for example ?

    18. Max Tower
      Max Tower
      Thanks Ash, OK I'm interested - please don't sell them to anyone else while we are discussing it.
      Can you tell me please if the DX9 robots have any of their packaging, weapons and accessories (details please) ?
      Likewise do you have the box or anything like that for the Kabaya & WST items ?

      Perhaps you can let me know- Thanks
    19. Max Tower
      Max Tower
      I was wondering if your small war in pocket Ratchet & Ironhide & The WST Gold Bumblebee are still for sale and how much they cost ?
      Also is that Dark Liger Jack or Nemesis Breaker - and does he have his Key & His tail - how much is he too ?

      Is that small optimus in the middle the Kabaya one ?

      If they are already on ebay can you send me your account link please (I can't see sigs)

      1. nemisispringer
        Yes they are all still available, looking for £10 each for the dx9 vans, £5 for the WST bee (he is transparent yellow not gold)
        That nemesis breaker had no parts so I’ll throw him in for postage about £5 and yeah that’s Kabaya Optimus, wanting about £5 for him.

        So £35 posted if you want that lot

        My paypal is [email protected]

        Not resorted to eBay yet, I’ll be listing on Facebook next.


        Apr 19, 2019
    20. DeletedUser_119270
      Great avatar!
      1. nemisispringer
        Cheers dude
        Sep 2, 2017
      2. DeletedUser_119270
        Sep 2, 2017
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