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Jun 12, 2023
    1. NexusZero
      Your the only WFC PC player I've seen on here, friend me on WFC, my username is Petronius.

      Seriously, it sucks that the PC doesn't get a DLC pack, in fact, it sucks and blows at the same time.
    2. Kranix
      remeber folks, the pc version will be by far the best. you will have programmers like me that have already worked exstensively with unreals engine making mods and such for it, including new characters. also i have from reliable sources we will have the dlc and pre-order bonuses. also activision has a history of being really good on the pc front, often giving content for free that console users pay for (so does valve). also being i had a hand in the transformers mods for unreal 2004, this will be easy, just with prettier colors and graphics. so get very excited, i know i am, and hoping i can get my hands on the game early like i do many others.

      and glad to join the gang guys.
    3. Prime Killer
      Prime Killer
      Thanks for the friend request, hopefully this game turns out good. Looking forward to some chaotic online multiplayer battles.
    4. jgoss
      love that pic man it's so cool
    5. Attacker_Prime
      Thanks for the friend invite.
    6. SpicyRichter
      Sweet a WFC PC posse!
    7. Nemesis*Prime
      Welcome, and thanks for accepting the invite. I've already sent friend requests to everyone on that list, including a few more who have said they are going to get WFC for the PC but haven't been added to it yet.
    8. Taziir
    9. jazz4ever
      Thats a good idea, I sure hope they do, I just think its stupid how they don't make games for the PC like they used to, Now You have to buy expensive consoles if You want to play a good game.
    10. Nemesis*Prime
      I couldn't agree more. That's why I hope Activision releases a DLC pack for the PC after the game comes out. If and when there's an actual forum opened on the official WFC website I plan on bringing this up and try to get as much attention on this as possible. I'm also keeping an eye out for any possible future Q&As with the guys at High Moon so I can ask them about the possibility of a DLC pack.
    11. jazz4ever
      It sucks that the PC doesn't get as many bonus characters though.
    12. Nemesis*Prime
      I agree. I'm hoping to set up a contact list of other TFW members who will also being playing this game on the PC once it ships.
    13. jazz4ever
      We should totally play War For Cybertron together, It will be awesome!
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