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    1. TheoryGuy2003
      Hey, not sure your still active on this site but I had a question about the ending of DOTM, you said the reason why the ending was changed was because the studio wanted it to be different from the books, by chance is their a reason as to why this is?
    2. daniel 97
      daniel 97
      PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE give Bee a true, normal voice like the other Autobots and make Will Friedle be his voice actor!!! You have to believe me, please!!!!!
    3. Chopperface
      Hello, Nelson.

      First off, hats off to Michael and the rest of the crew. AOE looks fantastic. I found myself loving it with every new piece of information or trailer. Plus, Lockdown! One of the best characters from the best Transformers show there's been gets the spotlight in this movie.

      I do have a question though. In one of the spots we see Tessa dancing to music with Bumblebee and Hound (while Drift bobs his head in the background). However, reports are coming in that the scene in question was not present in theaters where the film has already released. It seems odd that a scene would be animated, yet not featured in the final cut of the film.

      Is there a specific format that the dance scene will play with? Or is this scene possibly going to be a part of the DVD/Blu ray releases? I was looking forward to this fun little scene, and am pretty sad that it's apparently not in the film. :(
    4. fallen_revenge
      Hello Nelson! I just wanted to ask, when we will get the theatrical trailer? We are all begging for a new trailer and find it wierd how there has been no announcement yet. Just curious, thanks!
    5. Red Goblin
      Red Goblin
      Nelson, could you please make it clear that Bugatti is not the Mandarin speaking character? People really think Bay's that stupid to mix Japanese and Chinese.
    6. Autovolt 127
    7. HeroicC300
      I hope that if we ever see Ultra Magnus Bay decides to give him a badass alternate mode like a Logistics Vehicle System Replacement or something equally massive that allows for an inner robot.
    8. BeePrime_WFCTX_106023
      Hey Nelson! Just dropped by to say hi! Tell Bay his old friend Austin said hello :D
    9. ken8kuhletz08
      Hi there. You must be very honored being the administrator for Bay's site. Are we expecting more TF-related posts this week? Thanks! :)
    10. ShOcKwAvE1213
      Woah, I had no idea you were the admin for Mr. Bay's site!

      Anyways, I love the avatar bro:thumbs2:
    11. eagc7
      hey i just have a question i really want to know, why was the reason Bay decided to cut the twins out of the third film?
    12. ironjazz
      merry christmas
    13. Nelson
      The studio did not want the books to have the same ending as that of the movie.
    14. OP84
      Why did the writers change the original ending: Megatron offers Optimus a truce and retreats with the remaining Decepticons to rebuild Cybertron.
    15. Nelson
      Actually, the novel picked the twins' death from the movie script.
    16. OP84
      Were the Twins going to die anyway if they were in the movie as explained in the novel?
    17. Nelson
      You mean all the pirated footage? He's been reported.
    18. rxlthunder
      Dear Nelson, Have you seen this crap?
      Link Here
    19. eagc7
      Hey do you know why The twins we´re cut? it was becuase of the controvery back in 2009, They we´re useless to the plot, etc etc
    20. Barricade24
      That was one great movie. Tell Michael thanks. :thumbs2:
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