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Nov 30, 2021
Jan 7, 2010
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Transformer Nerd

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Nov 30, 2021
    1. Rockstar_Prime
    2. Rockstar_Prime
      We used to be friends...but brother-bot no longer functions...
    3. pumpkingonzo
      Superb avatar you have:)
    4. Superquad7
      Awesome! Now we can rock!
    5. Superquad7
    6. Kuma Style
      Kuma Style
      I hear you on that. I've actually moved on to buying more Japanese-styled mecha. TF-wise it's mostly MPs and third parties nowadays: Both of which are getting released like mad now.
    7. Kuma Style
      Kuma Style
      Howdy! You're right: It's been too long! How've you been? I've been well, man!
    8. MasterxBlaster
      Hey broski! Was hella cool meeting you bruh, the guy who helped build some of my collection HA!! If you enjoyed yourself at the last meet, just you wait to see what I have in store for the Next! Its gonna be sick doggy!!!
    9. MasterxBlaster
      Wanted to plan for a Bay Area Hang Out soon, would you be able to come through? Trying to plan out a date for next month, would be hella cool to meet ya bro! Lets get the ball rollin!
    10. MasterxBlaster
      Sup Bro, shit been super busy lately, with functions with my girl and famz! Man do I have a bunch of new goodies though!! My display is going to be off the chain! Putting a lot of hard work into it! Hopefully I'll have it ready by the end of the week. (Need HEGEMON & MT GREEN GIANT) to complete it though.

      Purchased some wireless led puck lights also with a wireless remote that can dim/bright and turn on/off, pretty fawkin awesome! should have them by next week! TF Wise, purchased a bunch of TF Hats, M.P Black Rodimus, Takara Car Robots Scourge, P.E Shadow Demolitions (red version), Titanium Grimlock, and a new Graded G1 comic with The runamuck & runabout cover [Graded 9.6/white pages]

      Oh and a 250 GB XBOX 360 slim and have it modded so it can play burned games ;x So yeah been pretty busy LOL!!!
    11. MasterxBlaster
      Sup bro! Man im really going back and forth about grabbin MP-09B, I think he'd look sooo sicc with Shadow Commander in that display of mines!! arghhzz he loooooks so good!! But I wana grab MT Green Giant when it drops also!! OH PLASTIC CRACK!!!!!
    12. clonemanager
      If I really need one of those Bruticus badly, seems like not a bad deal with $220 shipped.
      I actually was monitoring a few listing.. and one of those just got listed and sold in minutes....

      guess many people really panicking... but I felt like I 'd get the sets individually packed and then repaint one myself...

      but I am pretty sure that exclusive box looks nice....
    13. clonemanager
      so Nelo, you went to SDCC for those exclusive... so how crazy was the experience in order to score a set of TF exclusive each... ?
    14. MasterxBlaster
      Lol yeah its been collecting dust since the BBTS 3rd party clearance sale lol!! Haha well uhhh I ordered 3 so the joke is on me x3 haha damn it ;[
    15. MasterxBlaster
      This is my POL so far, gotta love the shipping cost for allllll that! (man does it get addictive though)
      CBV10000 War Axe Accessory 1 $12.00
      FPJ10023 CA-03 Thundershred 1 $38.99
      FPJ10025 CA-04 Stormbomb 1 $36.00
      FPJ10026 CA-05 Backfiery 1 $36.00
      HAS21018 Transformers Prime Entertainment Pack - First Edition 1 $39.99
      IGR10008 MP-01 Cape Accessory 1 $3.90
      TAK11397 AM-12 Decepticon Breakdown 1 $59.99
      TAK11475 Tokyo Toy Show 2012 Exclusive First Edition Clear Voyager Optimus Prime 1 $101.99
      TAK11476 Tokyo Toy Show 2012 Exclusive Transformers United Black Optimus Prime 2 $203.98
      Subtotal $532.84
      Tax $0.00
      Shipping $14.59
      Total $547.43
    16. MasterxBlaster
      LOL Well damn son!! You wasn't playing! Glad you got a bunch of goodies man! Yeah I'll drop the extra loot on certain figz, that I see totally worth it, but for the most part, I can always find a deal down the road. So what is next for you in TF purchases? Im just waiting on the Jetvehicons & Green Giant to drop im my POL so i can SHIP that mofugger haha!
    17. MasterxBlaster
      Back to work, arghz is that always a pain in the ass, coming back to reality when you were just on the best vacation ha! Yeah bro, I woke up hella early this morning like at 4am checked in nothing, so went back to sleep, then I was thinking it would deff be up by 7am, no cake so just went to work, ill be up again early tomorrow morn, did you get yourself a Brute while out there? im pretty sure they saved some stock just for HTS if you didnt! If i dont get one through HTS, then I wont pursue him, cus I know folks are going to want a premium on him, and I won't pay a cent over its retail price, since he is a pretty crappy looking toy lol! I just love its box art/packaging and the fact thats its an exclusive!
    18. MasterxBlaster
      Fasheeeze, its 94066, i aint trippin over stalkers Ha!
    19. MasterxBlaster
      Sup bro! Let me know how much I owe you man, and I'll shoot you your bread immediately, no rush on mailing him out bro, enjoy your down time!
    20. MasterxBlaster
      Oh what? they close it if there's to many folks? Man it must be nutts out there. Im seeing a bunch of cool pix up on the front page of tfw man! Dang those little Kreons are BRILLIANT!!! And confirmation of a Ultra Magnus from the FOC Op Mold, ill be grabbing that fasho!!
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