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    1. Tarrn
      Hi, as a general ballpark figure, how much would you ask to repaint a figure the size and detail level of MMC's Hexatron? I'm not asking for massively complicated bits, just the main colours, perhaps a dark blue on the legs and a lighter ice blue on the upper body similar to the one in the link below? I'd like to keep an arctic colour theme, so perhaps some silver, but I'm not that fond of the stock green and purple.

      The Rabbit Haul » Review: Mastermind Creations Terminus Hexatron Gladiator
    2. RedAlert Rescue
      RedAlert Rescue
      Sure - I'm happy to talk turkey
    3. pumpkingonzo
      You've just summed up an ebay MP05 seller pretty well :)
    4. wasp819
      Dude Im prepared to sweeten the deal with an extra 10binbags (20 total)
    5. wasp819
      Hey nell did my pm get through to you alright?
    6. OOSnake
      Hey, you live in Nottingham too? : D
    7. RedAlert Rescue
      RedAlert Rescue
      I'm Always buying something so feel free to make suggestions
    8. RedAlert Rescue
      RedAlert Rescue
      Found the stuff in my shed when I got home !!
      I'll leave you some junkion feedback.
    9. RedAlert Rescue
      RedAlert Rescue
      Not had anything yet - did you send them 2nd class ?
    10. RedAlert Rescue
    11. RedAlert Rescue
      RedAlert Rescue
      Can't think of much more besides any of those little square ratchets teeth parts that would happen fit inside the elbows or hips of a Classics Optmus Prime mould. I think they are quite similar in a selection of toys.

      How many Energon Stars/Chips ?

      I'm trying to rack my brains to remember if I bought a loose Unicron at a Bootsale that had no wings/planet panels on it or if I just dreamed it... If I did I don't have a clue what I did with him or if he had his rockets - Laugh. ( as I have the black one out on Display) I must have bought him and then promptly lost him.

      I do have a few Cybertron toys missing bits but they might be of more use to you than me as they are quite stripped. Though the Cybertron Optimus I got only need his pistol 1 missile and his planet key.
    12. RedAlert Rescue
      RedAlert Rescue
      Please let me know what you'd like for the "Ramjet" Minicon and the Energon stars (how many of them?) plus Skystalker and FE Arcee.

      many thanks for your time.
    13. RedAlert Rescue
      RedAlert Rescue
      yeah ok, at the £19. i have a huge box of parts plus a 4 draw stack of various parts and bots im using so what is it your mostly after?
      I'm interested in TF Rifles and pistols with 5mm posts or clip points, Mechtech weapons, Minicons, targetmasters, perhaps swords too I'm also specifically looking for a classics or Henkei Rocket launcher for Hound and the fists for ROTF Voyager Recon (Jungle) Ironhide and some guns for G1 sixshot. Also perhaps Energon Stars and Energon Weapons.

      Sorry if that is a little vague.
    14. RedAlert Rescue
      RedAlert Rescue
      £19.00 the pair ?
    15. RedAlert Rescue
      RedAlert Rescue
      Oh any bits or weapons you want to sell - like leftover bits from Customs ?
    16. RedAlert Rescue
      RedAlert Rescue
      How much for Scout Skystalker ?
    17. RedAlert Rescue
      RedAlert Rescue
      I forgot to ask if your still around online - was she the only thing you wanted to sell ?

      I buy pretty much all line bar statues so if there's anythig else you'd like to sell let me know.

    18. RedAlert Rescue
      RedAlert Rescue
      That's fine - Can you PM me your Paypal e-mail to pay for the Arcee.
    19. RedAlert Rescue
      RedAlert Rescue
      FE Arcee ?

      How much is she please ?

      Maybe I can buy her from you if not sold already !
    20. sideswipe pwns
      sideswipe pwns
      how much for a custom classics?masterpiece battle damaged sideswipe? and that devastator looked like it was right from the cartoon! i literally thought it was a cut and paste until i looked at it!
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