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Sep 12, 2012
Oct 3, 2010
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Escalation Jedi

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Sep 12, 2012
    1. RGZ Archer
      RGZ Archer
      Hey dude, me again, not dead yet lol. I've been away from WFC for quite awhile, but some friends recently got it and I figured I could show them the ropes, but before I can do that I needed to get my skills back up to par. Dissapointed in the Escalation matches though, not many people play anymore it seems, and the only ones who do are Broken Hope Spammers. Whenever i host a game that ISNT Broken Hope people just quit or veto to change it to Broken Hope...then I quite and drop them for being a bunch of sticks in the mud lol.

      Still, I had one really good match the other day, playing Remnent I was using Megatron (as always) and the other players had quite until it was just me and one other guy using Demolisher. We literally spent five waves standing in the middle of the first room to the left of the starting position, with our backs to each other, blowing the ever loving slag out of wave after wave of was beautifle lol
    2. RGZ Archer
      RGZ Archer
      Hey man, I think I was on your team about a week ago for Escalation, I remember your ID tag had RX and some numbers in it but it didnt show up in my list of recent players for some reason.

      I doubt you remember me, but you were on my team that helped make the Walkthrough map for Broken Hope, along with xxComplex12xx and a few others.

      I've been trying to set up a day where I could get the players I've scouted out to help me finish the maps, you were one of the top potentials I was after.

      You've probably noticed that people only really want to play Broken Hope, which is why my maps and walkthroughs are taking so long lol.

      If you wouldnt mind giving me a hand some time I would really appreciate it.
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