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    1. Flashformers
      Yes! You are entirely allowed to bitch about Star Saber in the thread! That's what a review blog is for!
    2. KnightHawkke
      Except Victory Lio is Optimus Prime. :wink:
    3. darkunor
      Interesting post/points on the next MP and happy birthday by the way! Good points on Galvatron, I'm hoping he is the next Masterpiece as well, there hasn't been a toy that has done him justice, besides in my opinion I think it would be more of a challenge to make a screen accurate version of him than say soundwave for instance.

      Dont get me wrong him being very iconic and all is definately worthy a masterpiece but I think we've had some fairly ok soundwave toys even though, his MP could be quite spectacular if it included screen accurate versions of his cassettes, some sort of voice/playback feature and a minature version of megatron. The only let down of the soundwave to me will be the rather more than likely simple transformation which might leave some fans unsatisfied, which is where I think Mp Galvatron would shine, in addition to what you've said I think they could also include Galvatron with the key to the plasma energy chamber as he really will suffer in the features department if he were to be made!
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    Is it wrong I want a Transmetal Terrasaur update?