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Oct 8, 2017
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Mechanoid Vivisectionist, Male, from Metaldelphia

Another Servant of Taka Ratomy and the Third Party Oct 8, 2017

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Jul 23, 2021 at 1:45 PM
    1. Verminaard
      I was looking at one of your past posts, on the THF Soundwave and Megatron figures. I have these on the way but not figured out what labels to get and....yours are perfect!
      Can you point me to which and where you acquired your labels? Ive been looking at Toyhax but cant figure out what lables are what
    2. Necrobot
      Another Servant of Taka Ratomy and the Third Party
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    Greetings TFW2005 Community!

    I am Necrobot, a hybrid made of atomic sorcery. I corrode all with the cancer of molecular oxidation.

    But I was not always this creature before you...

    Bitten by the parasitic drain that is the acquisition of nostalgic collectables, I have drained bank accounts, de-stabilized developing nations, sacrificed the blood of virgin goats, bent the very fabric of space and time... all to acquire these trinkets of plastic, rubber and die-cast.

    And with the passage of time, so changed had I become, that no longer did I recognize the creature that stared back in the reflection.

    Fused with petroleum byproducts, and a metallic alloy, constructed by the underpaid servants of Taka Ratomy, and the Third Party, I had become Necrobot.


    The Shortlist:

    XTB MX12B Gravestone's Trailer

    XTB MXII Andras (preordered... hopefully will be shipped after the Covid-19 crisis ends, assuming it doesn't end us)

    KFC Crash Hog (ordered and hopefully shipping soon)

    FT29T Quietus (hopefully this will be reissued at a time when I have the necessary disposable finds)