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Me Grimlock cute

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Jul 13, 2015
    1. Superquad7
      Hey buddy, I hope you're doing well! It's been a while, and while I haven't been to Cary Target in a bit, the last few times I did look for ya. Hope you're well and still goin' hard. :D
    2. Superquad7
      I've missed you buddy! We need to catch up some time!
    3. TylerMirage
      That's awesome.

      Plus, it reminds me that I really want to see more aquatic reptiles in JPIV. *crosses fingers*
    4. TylerMirage
    5. TylerMirage
      :lol Thanks. I've only had that banner in my room for, oh, 16 years or so.

      Yeah, the Papo's look great in a static pose, but you can't beat something that has the best of both worlds. You would have a blast with the Rex. The tail is a metal wire encased in rubber (I don't know the actual materials), so the tail is poseable without having more than one joint (where the tail meets the hips). I don't recall if you're a huge Bayformers fan or not, but if you like Optimus' design, that Revoltech (or the soon-to-be-released Jetpack version) is a must. Absolutely phenomenal.
    6. TylerMirage
      I've uploaded a few photos comparing the figures. This gave me a good excuse to clear all of the clutter off my desk and clean it. ;) I apologize that Optimus isn't in more dynamic poses, but I just got in a static standing position that I like, and if I pose him out of that position, I'll never be able to get him back. :lol Once I get the Jetpack Revoltech Optimus, that one will be for super awesome poses.

      And yes, that is a dinosaur banner running all around my room in the background. :D
    7. TylerMirage
      I'll probably snap some pictures in the next few days and upload to Photobucket. I'll give you a shout when I do. :)
    8. TylerMirage
      Ah yes, the dreaded wallet scenario. :(

      Yeah, if you ever get a chance/have some extra cash, I do recommend it. It's not essential, but it's pretty cool. (I have mine standing next to Revoltech DotM Optimus and they're almost in scale. :lol )
    9. TylerMirage
      My bro. :D That is sick!

      Do you happen to own that Revoltech yourself? If not, I highly recommend it. It's awesome. :bay
    10. TylerMirage
      Yeah, I'd like that. Definitely keep me in the loop. ;)

      I love looking at dioramas. That's one of the reasons I used to always keep the cardboard box backs from the boxes that the figures came in, because they always had those sweet-@$$ professional dioramas with figures, accessories, moss, etc.. Just fantastic.

      Also, I plan on getting the Revoltech JP Tyrannosaurus Rex. It looks so awesome!
    11. TylerMirage
      And then of course I spent the next 17+ years of my life collecting dinosaur books and toys and movies and basically just living dinosaurs. Needless to say, like you, it completely changed my life.

      :lol Those darn toys. We keep getting older and they just stay the sa- Wait. No. They keep getting more expensive. ;)

      Do you do dioramas at all, by chance? Or have your collection shown online or something?
    12. TylerMirage
      Alright, not too much older than me. :) I was born in 1991. You're lucky to have been able to see JP in theatres.No, no, it doesn't sound silly. I was in a similar (but different) situation. The first time I saw JP was when I was about three years old. Yep, that's right. Three. Years. Old. Apparently (because I was obviously too young to remember this), JP was shown on television in May '95, and my mother had plopped me down in front of the TV to watch it for the afternoon (while she read or baked or something). So here I was, three year old me, watching raptors maul people and rampaging Tyrannosaurs rip cars apart. People screaming, severed arms falling, roaring and more screaming and more screaming and roaring. And I was content as can be. :lol Not scared, not crying. Just fascinated.
    13. TylerMirage
      Those are ballin' Indiana Jones figures! See? Those are what JP human figures should be like! None of this "they have shoulder swivels and thigh swivels"-nonsense.
    14. TylerMirage
      I just had to share that story with someone who would appreciate it. :o Man, it's crazy the prices that they're going for these days. If you don't mind my asking, are you around my age (20)? Is that why it's just now (that we're sort of older and more mature) that we suddenly want what we can't have? You know, when we're five years old you just don't think about owning all of these awesome toys. But now that we're older, we suddenly want them because we realize their awesomeness?

      The only negative thing (besides lack of articulation) on the TLW Bull is what happens to him over the passage of time. He's so massive that he literally caves in on himself. It's been 14 years, and it shows. His feet are becoming pigeon-toed, he's leaning forward, the rubber between his legs and torso is deteriorating and causing him to just lean in too much.
    15. TylerMirage
      Anywho, The JP2009 line had basically the next best Rex figure when they repainted/retooled the Bull to have swivel legs and a more sturdy pose. I would absolutely love it if they released a Spinosaurus figure that was in scale with the JP/TLW line. Can you imagine that thing? A TLW-scale Spino would just dwarf the Bull Rex! I just really can't wait to see what kind of Rex figures they might release in the future! I think they need to try to make some more joints in the legs. Hip swivles and ankle rockers are fine, but I really want some knee joints, you know?

      Indiana Jones had figures? I have/had never ever seen them in any store I went to! :eek:
    16. TylerMirage
      A short while later they surprised me with the TLW Bull and a remote control T.rex figure (from the JP line I think?). The Bull was fantastic and was pretty much my go-to toy for the next decade. But I still wanted that Thrasher. Eventually my interest in JP toys wained as the years went on, and my desire for that Thrasher wained with it. Then I met a new friend, we talked toys, Transformers, collecting, etc.. And then it hit me. He's quite savvy with eBay and the like (while I am not), so I asked him to shop around for me. And although I paid a hefty amount, although it was used, although it didn't come with any of the capture gear accessories, I had it. It was in my possession. A Thrasher. Fourteen years of waiting and I finally had it. It was... unbelievable. What a figure. Superb. Sure it was small compared to the massive Bull, but I didn't care. It was the Thrasher and I loved it. :D
    17. TylerMirage
      Oh yeah, Kenner, that's what it was. Couldn't remember. :o I knew it basically switching from one mold to a completely different one.

      Completely agree on your ideal scenario: fully-articulated 3.75" human figures, coupled with the TLW dinos. The 3.75" figures would go quite well with Rex figures that are the size of the Thrasher (or even the Bull, despite its massive size). I recently got a friend of mine to order me a used Thrasher off of eBay.
      Prepare for a cool story, as I know you of all people will appreciate it. ;) It was 1997. I was all of 6-7 years old, shopping at my local K-Mart. They had oodles of TLW figures, including several Thrashers. I wanted that Thrasher. I wanted it right the f**k then. But alas, it was on the very top shelf and I couldn't get it, and my parents displayed their authority over me and told me that I couldn't have it. ...
    18. TylerMirage
      What disappointed me most about the JPIII line was the scale. Going from 4-4.5" figures down to the 3.75" size? Wasn't the whole deal something to do with Hasbro losing rights and having to resort to using Star Wars figures molds or something? I can't remember exactly. But that was my biggest gripe. Size. You put the JPIII figures with the previous lines' figures and they just feel like they're completely out of place; made for a different series. The electronic Spinosaurus was the highlight of the line for me, but I was saddened when it wasn't really in scale with my TLW Rexes. :( The rest of the line was pretty good. Cool ideas, nice figures. They just needed to make some better Rex figures, more akin to the TLW dinos. What I'm hoping is that if the JP4 line has 3.75" figures, at least make them POSABLE, like their recent 3.75" Marvel figures.
    19. TylerMirage
      Yeah, I'm with you. My faith in Hasbro is (very, very slowly) decreasing. Really makes you wonder how their recent decisions and MO might affect the potential JP4 toyline.

      Oh gosh, yes. I'm a naturally optimistic guy, so I'd never say anything like 'the JPIII line sucked balls'. But even I have to admit that I was somewhat disappointed in it. I was all of ten or eleven years old at the time the JPIII figures came out, and even then there was that feeling in the back of my mind that said "huh, these figures...they're just not as good as they used to be". :lol TLW is probably the the JP toys in their prime, in my opinion. Between the command center trailer, the bull and thrasher Rex, the line is just phenomenal. Not too knowledgable on the JP line, as I was very young at the time they were popular. But based on what I've seen they too had some great figures.
    20. TylerMirage
      I don't know of anyone else here more appropriate than you to have this conversation with. ;) Ahem, so are you anxious to see what kind of figures JP4 might have in store for us? :D
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