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Mr. Internet, Male, 39, from Guadalajara, Mexico

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Apr 19, 2024 at 12:48 AM
    1. Ellamin
      Robot Alchemic Drive was a great game, your sig reminds me very heavily of its box art title font. (intentional?)
      1. Napjr
        Indeed! i loved the game and someone at the time made me the pic :D
        Jun 5, 2018
      2. Ellamin
        Awesome! I wish they did a remastering of it, or just give me gun-pla style models for the four meganites!
        Jun 6, 2018
    2. Superquad7
      Things are cool :)

      Eh, we have our busy times and our down times with our customs hobby. I've got a few things active, but more like things to piddle around with.
    3. Superquad7
      You working on any new customs, bud? :)
    4. Superquad7
    5. Unicron the Pla
      Unicron the Pla
      Cool Glad I could help, and thanks for the tip on Big Bad Toy Store I will be ordering from them from now on. I was very pleased with their service. Just got my Leader Class Bulkhead from the mail yesterday.
    6. Napjr
      Yeah man, got one set for my nephew :)
    7. Unicron the Pla
      Unicron the Pla
      Hey compa, where you able to find some?
    8. Napjr
      Chedraui on Vallarta? I should check it out soon then :)

      Thanks for the heads up!
    9. Unicron the Pla
      Unicron the Pla
      Hey man, I just went to Chedraui over by Calle Vallarta. They Have a lot of Safeguard Animated toys for only 200 pesos.
    10. Napjr
      Sure man, good luck!
    11. Unicron the Pla
      Unicron the Pla
      Gracias, Thanks a lot.
      I should try the Tianguis Cultural.
      If not I guess Big Bad toy store it is.
      I actualy saw a unpackaged Lugnut in Tianguis del Sol. But no other after that.
    12. Napjr
      Animated? Well good luck with that, they were discounted months ago and all left were pretty much Blackarachnia, Grimlock, Lugnut and maybe Blitzwing

      Nowadays i buy most of my stuff from BBTS, but from time to time i get the ocasional figure locally. Cheap retail places are Walmart and Bodega Aurrera, followed by Chedraui, but they carry less TFs everytime. Soriana doesnt carry any new Hasbro figures at all

      Fabricas, Liverpool, Sears, Sanborns & Palacio de Hierro also have some TFs but the prices are higher. You can also try Julio Cepeda Jugueterias next to Fabricas de Francia inside "La Gran Plaza" or "Juguetron" in "Plaza Galerias"

      Online places that sells TFs? never used them but Julio Cepeda & Sanborns seems to have online sales, dunno if you can choose wich TF you want though (they get general size listings)

      Finally, you "might" be able to get some figures (both sealed & loose) at the "Tianguis Cultural", wich is a cultural flea market that opens on saturday´s in the Plaza Juarez, but prices varies from stand to stand
    13. Unicron the Pla
      Unicron the Pla
      Oye amigo, sorry to bother you but where do you buy your Transformers. I am looking for some Animated toys and i cant find any in Walmart or Chedraui, or any other big store like Liverpool or Fabricas de Francia. Where do you recommend to buy TF in Guanatos. Is there a good online place that sells cheap?
    14. javaco
    15. Napjr
      Well, i have a package from BBTS on transit and waiting another from Japan to be shipped... although technically my Xmas presents were a few accesories for my car :D
    16. Superquad7
      Did Santa Man bring you lots of TFs? :) My Masterpiece Grimmy is waving at you! :D
    17. Superquad7
      Merry Christmas, buddy! :)
    18. Unicron the Pla
      Unicron the Pla
      Muchas gracias compa, tal vez nos vemos uno de estos dias.
    19. Unicron the Pla
      Unicron the Pla
      Hey man, couldn't help but notice you live in Guadalajara, I do too. It is cool to have a Transformer Fan so close to where I live. I live about two blocks from Plaza del Sol.
    20. SPLIT LIP
      Maybe. I dunno, I was wondering if you did them because I couldn't remember. :lol
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