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Back From Outer Space

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Mar 22, 2023 at 10:37 PM
    1. Robticon
      Indeed. The language barrier is something to be italicized. Er, I mean, respected. Yeah.

      'Period of time where I've bought all the toys that are out (that I want)
      and no more toys I want will be out for at least another month?'

      What's that? :confused:
    2. Robticon
      As long as he has the infinity face paint (Which he does!) He shalt be fine, and dandy. :D

      ....Unless he runs out of supressors. Then we're in trouble. : O

      I suppose that sounds about right.... >_>
    3. Robticon
      As long as he has his MK22, the world shall be safe. :p

      Indeed! For not a man among us knows what in the world that means! D:
    4. Robticon
      Well 'dat dere be some of the rootin' ist tootin' ist things I never dun heard!


      I have no idea what any of that means. :lol Yep, it has been a while! :p Thank you! It is quite nice to be back, if I say so myself. :D

      Comic? Oh, yes! My absence made me forget I had more to read up on then just how to kill various bosses in Metal Gear Solid 3!
    5. Sage o' G-fruit
      Sage o' G-fruit
      in other news, i have a new camera so the most recent "Transformers:
      Homeworld" comics have improved quality in the photo department. the
      comics forum is a much better way to spend time than sitting at this thread
      waiting for the next big profane post, looking at you Boardwise, i thought a
      man of you age would have more dignity, in fact the comics are the way
      many people interact with this site, very creative people here. in retrospect,
      the comics i enjoy most are blurry robot theater, obsidian's lament, g-13's
      funnies, all those classics. more recent comics i enjoy are mini-bot's comic
      fuzz, beyond your wildest imagination and, well, lets throw kweh into that pile.
      No Unicromedy II? Shame, myhobby, shame. :p [SPOILER]
    6. Unicron the Pla
      Unicron the Pla
      Hey man I am so sorry it took to long but it is finally done I posted the review of your comic.
    7. Autobot_Wall-E
      Yea I understand. I started my hectic school today and wont have much time for anything but study, homework, and after school clubs. Oh well I guess I should have a break from video games anyway
    8. Autobot_Wall-E
      hey whats up? wanna play rotf again sometime?
    9. Robticon

      That was interesting.
    10. -Wreckage-
      That's alright :D
    11. -Wreckage-
    12. Robticon
      Yay! Thanks very much for joining! *Leaping with joy, and stuff*
    13. Robticon
      Ums, sorries, just gonna spam at you for a moment:
      (FFC, FTW:
      This is the new, 'almost official'
      funnies creators faction group.
      Please join to help the cause.

      Please join if you want, thanks. :D
    14. Robticon
      Up, and up, and up. :D
    15. Robticon
      That's completely funny! :lolol
    16. Robticon
    17. Robticon
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