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    1. power3921
      Your avatar, is that Littlepip, from Fallout Equestria?
    2. eagc7
      so alternate counterparts of an character age differently to his/her mainstream counterpart. so there's no issue with Human babs being Older than AJ and the CMC.
    3. eagc7
      Human Babs doesnt need to be the same age of the Humans CMC, this is an alternate Universe, things are always different in an Alt Verse. as someone pointed out in this thread, in the pony world Cheerlire and Big Mac appearntly are the same age, but in the human world, She's an Adult, He's an Teen.

      i'll use another example using the Marvel Universe. In the Mainstream Marvel World (Earth-616), Spider-Man is an Adult around his Mid-Late 20s-Early 30s. theres a story where he travels to the Ultimate verse (Earth-1610). and in that verse he's dead. but in that same verse. Ultimate Spider-Man had just celebrated is 16th b-day. so the ages of the characters work differently when dealling with alternate universes.

      another example, in Earth-616, Peter and the Black Cat are the same age, but in Earth-1610 Spider is a teen, but Black Cat an Adult.
    4. FanimusMaximus
      A fan of yaplap I see.
    5. eagc7
      Wait a minute... did I see Iron Patriot? How the heck are they gonna pull that off when Sony Pictures has the film rights to the Norman Osbourne character?
      the movieverse Iron Patriot will be Rhodey new suit. so its a new version of War Machine in Iron Man 3.
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