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Jul 22, 2014
Mar 13, 2011
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Jul 22, 2014
    1. Darkest Wolf
      Darkest Wolf
      mudflap whats up buddy i haven't spoken to you or a long time how life my life its quite but thinking about my old thoughts
    2. Darkest Wolf
      Darkest Wolf
      hello mudflap whats up how are you old friend how is everything with you i see you are doing well i guess you are doing good im doing well just thinking about what the next transformer movie will be after this fourth movie comes out at the end of next month when it comes out on the last Friday of the month
    3. Darkest Wolf
      Darkest Wolf
      Hi mudflap what is new I'm.fine old friend
    4. Darkest Wolf
      Darkest Wolf
      Hay mudflap its me how are I'm fine i haven't heard. from you a long time buddy what's. new
    5. Darkest Wolf
      Darkest Wolf
      Hay mudflap remember me i haven't seen for a long time what's up
    6. Darkest Wolf
      Darkest Wolf
      mudflap you goofing off with skidz are you
    7. Darkest Wolf
      Darkest Wolf
      hay mudflap come on old buddy are you there yes or no talk to me if you have the spark
    8. Darkest Wolf
      Darkest Wolf
      hay mudflap its me Darkest Wolf, I'm doing good how are you, You see I have a southern accent and ya know what being a transformer fan is sooooo cool I just love to watch them everyday. So if you are wondering right now I'm writing a book on the transformers its based on the show transformers prime. If you want to knew how the book is coming its getting good so far. I was wondering what can I place on the front cover of the book the autobot logo on it or a sword, you see the main bot in the book is a skilled swordmenship. He looks like alot like his older brother Optimus Prime but he is silver and has no gun but uses a sword instead.
    9. Darkest Wolf
      Darkest Wolf
      Greetings young mudflap, allow me to introduce myself my name is Darkest Wolf. I was wondering you seem to be a great friend to talk to anyone who wants to know alot about the transformers. If you need some one to talk to please drop me a line anytime I look forward to help you out if you need some one to keep up the pace. I happen to be a surpirsed that you aren't on I happen to be on line everyday just to check on how is everyone there. Do you ever watch transformers I do I have all the transformer installments on dvd they are sooooo cool to watch, I even have all 3 live transformer movies the live ones and I have the animated movie as well I have them on dvd plus I have 2 movie books and one the real story of the transformer begining how it all be came, I happen to be writting a book on the transformer saga its a great book to read about its not done yet but if it does I will let all you fans know once its published.
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