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Oct 1, 2023 at 9:39 PM
    1. Dragolord09
      Say, how's your Squadron X project turning out?
      1. mstyger87
        Hey dude, not bad, im currently needing to finish building Fang, which I am using the hulk tank transformer, I would love to show you the team complete but I am currently overseas working, when I am home next time I will be sure to get some pics though
        Apr 19, 2023
    2. strangeguy32000
      Thanks for the info, Mstyger87, I don't have a Metroplex myself as of yet (The one I purchased boarded a Fed-Ex plane last night En Route to my nearest walmart) I'm hoping G60force and Fakebusker can manage to resize the EEE hands to fit Titan Metroplex, because from what I've seen, Retail Metroplex's Face isn't the only thing Hasbro cheaped out on. (Only the Base Knuckles actually function, The fists themselves can't close)
    3. Wikkid
      If I could go back and redo my own version, I would definitely make all the combiner kibble form either:

      ^^An anti-aircraft gun for shooting down Aerialbots or..............

      ^^A mobile missile battery for Onslaught to tow. Both could be utilyze in robot mode as well.

      Just some idears.
    4. r-r
      Sadly not... but the year is young!!
    5. Budokhan
      Hey Man! Thanks for the friendship request!
    6. cowclone
      lol it a rpg using ureal engin
      sounds like it was fun
    7. mstyger87
      wow man that sounds cool as, what sort of game is it? how did ur new years go man, i went out into a bush wif some m8s ended up going hunting lol, was good times aye, seen in the new years with some friends playing drums, bass and lead guitar with a digareedoo thrown in for good measure, the whole valley could hear us, good thing no one lives up there really.
    8. cowclone
      my xmas was sweet all i'm doing is working with pc and making my own 3d pc game got the software for it so ya drawing all the things for it
    9. mstyger87
      good man, good, how was ur xmas? sorry no updates in a while, but ive kinda switched to building my blitzwing, and god willing i hope triplechangers wins out over at so i can enter him, it looks real sweet but im not putting any pics up till i know whats happening with the comp, its classics size and ive taken alot of my inspiration from wikkids mp blitzwing
    10. cowclone
      how are you man
    11. mstyger87
      yeah man the summers in new zealand are absolutley lovely
    12. cowclone
      were you linve sounds nice cloudy weather I live in a place were you do from the sun
    13. mstyger87
      lol man, ive just about finished my vortex aye, im thinking of making it a navy chopper as its grey, i havnt done anything in a few days, to sunny and to many parties to attend, but dont worry man ill get back to it soon, if its not sunny haha
    14. cowclone
      so now how is the bruticus
    15. cowclone
    16. mstyger87
      just about finished my vortex now aye, only a few bits of paint apps to go, then a few mods to brawl and a fresh coat of paint, then i have to paint up onslaught, and then i have to finish the connectors to make bruticus, still quite a bit aye man, but its coming together nicely, im also working on a blitzwing, topspin and goldbug so everything is moving in the ryt direction
    17. cowclone
      so how is your bruticus coming
    18. mstyger87
      sounds good man, look forward to it
    19. cowclone
      cool my friend is going to finsh up brawl he is going to add a new head and good paint job and buff him up as for me terrs
    20. mstyger87
      just painting up my vortex at the moment man
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