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    1. Budtuk
      Hey if you’re still looking for ss 86 Ironhide I picked one up knowing that you and someone else needed him let me know if you want him???
    2. FiVE1ZERO
      Well said on RE3 man. Pretty much agree with everything you said. Wish I spent the $60 on something else.
    3. vicious7171
      Haha, we were talking about our ages. If it was you.

      I definitely will hit up Marco's. I've been infinitely bummed since moving back into town and seeing Champlin Godfather's pizza being closed.
    4. vicious7171
      You got me hooked on Pizza Man. It has no business being that good.

      Do you work at RLB Cub Foods? I hope this isn't weird, but did I talk to you working a late night shift on Saturday night? I was there with my girlfriend buying treats.

      For some reason, I am currently banned from the Minnesota forum (???)
    5. hthrun
      Hi, I'm a fan of mst 3k too! I watched an episode on Netflix recently...
      I'm not far from you, I live in maple grove.
    6. askani_son318
      Hey I'm interested in a few of your listed figures. From the dcsh what are you chargin for 2face lex cat woman and batgirl? And from dcuc how much for red tornado, demon etrigan, and captain atom?? Thanks
    7. Trenner Dios
      Trenner Dios
      Always nice to see a fellow MSTie around here!
    8. Quixote_Prime
    9. Sage o' G-fruit
      Sage o' G-fruit
      MST3K for the win. :D
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    "And a noble race dies out...sometimes. This LOSER race will not be missed!" -Crow T. Robot from MST3K episode Prince of Space