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Jan 14, 2017
    1. oddsey
      Yeah, just spotted your reply!
      Cheers for that, it's been bugging me for a few days now and I would never have considered looking at Prime. He's sat on the bottom shelf of a different unit (out the way!) and I've no idea how his smoke stack got where it was!

      Thanks again!
    2. MrMark
      Thats OK, i got Rodimus and SS from the States but had to ditch the packaging as i had no room in my suitcase for it.
    3. IronicHide
      Dang! You just named three I don't have.

      Really sorry to let you down after my imploring comments on the thread!

      Let me double check - I definitely have Mirage's card & bubble, and the UM/SW double pack (but the box to that is flattened, no plastic in it).
    4. MrMark
      Happy New Year
    5. knook
      Happy New Year!
    6. knook
      Merry Christmas United
    7. MrMark
      Mine is hand painted and looks a bit crap compared to yours.
      The problem is i have very little patience, maybe i will remove the paint and start again. if i can.

      How much is an airbrush kit btw.
    8. oddsey

      Used enamel paints slightly thinned with an airbrush like this one:


      Really good bit of kit, applies the paint really evenly.
      The red/white lines are on top of the blue and I just used masking tape to mark 'em out before spraying. Then just touched up any slight smudges outside the line. Then touched up the touch ups!! (not got the steadiest of hands!)
      The only problem is that the brushed on paint is quite a bit thicker than the airbrushed areas, so it looks a bit glossier. Hopefully that will not show when I eventually coat it all with a gloss sealer.

      To be honest, my hand painting skills are not good. The airbrush is the difference maker, gives a great application of paint. It looked a lot better before I did any touching up! (Which shows in the pictures of the wing, the back/side of the legs and his back)
    9. Erector
      hahaha yes those'll be the ones :D
    10. Erector
      Are which the ones on eBay now?
    11. MrMark
      Thats ok. Dirge 121 has you on his sig so i thought i would see who it was.
      Being nosey really.

      I like the slapping pikachus (spelling???)
    12. Deceptikitty
      Nah, but you viewed my profile so I friended you. :lol
    13. MrMark
      Cheers buddy.
    14. Erector
      They used to do one called Electric Blue which is similar... i'm not sure if they still do it though. If not, go enchanted blue with skull white and mix em up til you get the right shade :D
    15. MrMark
      thats ok. i will hold off until then:D

      Is animated Magnus in stock? not that i can afford it yet but one day i will.

      I hope.
    16. Red leader
      Red leader
      HI bud, acidstorm and galvy arent available until sept 12th at the mo so you might want to hold off, I'm still knocking bugs out of the store at the moment so the free post option is still be sorted out, thanks for registering mate, we really appreciate it.
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