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    1. eagc7
      Welp. Looks like I'm staying out of all Marvel threads until I see AOU.
      that was not a spoiler. it was him coming up with a theory
    2. thunder117
      Do check my PM to you.
    3. eagc7
      Is Paul Rudd confirmed to be Lang?
      Yes, Rudd is Lang

      Micheal Douglas will Play Hank Pym.
    4. Prime Jetscream
      Prime Jetscream
      IIRC it specifically said 3 or so years.
    5. Prime Jetscream
      Prime Jetscream
      I kinda doubt anyone but Bee is coming back. Except maybe Megatron, but yeah, when you go and pull that "I'm not a bad guy anymore" crap for a show, you can't take it back.
    6. Prime Jetscream
      Prime Jetscream
      No, in Prime. It was like 2 years ago that I read that.
      So much wasted potential...
    7. Prime Jetscream
      Prime Jetscream
      I just hope the show is better and they listened to the constructive criticism about Prime. Stop killing off the best ideas, you idiots!

      I still remember reading someone's idea about Soundwave being the creepy puppetmaster behind Megatron.
    8. Prime Jetscream
      Prime Jetscream
      I thought I might share this:

      This is a storyboard artist who worked on Prime and is working on this new show. Great artist, love his stuff.

      In short, he says that the image of Bee really isn't an accurate representation of the style of the show and just a quick promotional image to go out with the announcement.
    9. Prime Jetscream
      Prime Jetscream
      The description thingy said "3D characters on hand-painted backgrounds" or something. I think that Bumblebee art is just a concept.
    10. Prime Jetscream
      Prime Jetscream
      It's not as epic as the Driller and Devastator though.

      For some reason I think Evasion Mode Optimus is my most anticipated AOE toy.
    11. Prime Jetscream
      Prime Jetscream
      Yeah but it also has a really interesting plot this time. :D

      Also the epic finish is Optimus bitch-slapping him with pure rage.
    12. Prime Jetscream
      Prime Jetscream
      They don't necessarily have to show other bounty hunters. Or maybe they're all just Lockdown's minions or something. *shrug*
    13. Prime Jetscream
      Prime Jetscream
      Eh, I don't think so. The only thing that really ties him to being man-made is having a similar green mask to Stinger.
      Also he has a giant alien ship. I think he's still a bounty hunter and he's taking a bounty set by humans to hunt down Optimus.
    14. Prime Jetscream
      Prime Jetscream
      Hmmm... Maybe near the end they get some humans who have access to aircraft carriers (:p) on their side?
      I don't see why the others wouldn't make it if Strafe is there.

      Something I'm curious about is why Grimlock acts so feral when it's been confirmed (I think by Nelson on Bay's site) he has a robot mode, therefore he likely is perfectly sentient.
    15. Prime Jetscream
      Prime Jetscream
      I thought maybe the Transformer he'd discover was the white and sky-blue racecar thing that I forgot the name of.
      The trailer made me way more excited for the Evasion Mode Optimus toy. I absolutely love how fantastically accurate it is to the first-trilogy Optimus while also turning into that flatnose.
      I thought there were just some scenes of Optimus taking that flatnose form and driving around and doing stuff. I didn't think it would be handled the way it is, and I love it.

      And the ending? Awesome.
      The whole idea behind Stinger is cool, too.
    16. Prime Jetscream
      Prime Jetscream
      You didn't know?
    17. Prime Jetscream
      Prime Jetscream
      ...Now I have major hope that Age of Extinction will be a better movie overall than the last three.
    18. Prime Jetscream
      Prime Jetscream
      I'm liking the designs more, and the toys seem to be a mixed bag for me.
      What I'm really worried about is scale. Have there been any listings for a voyager normal Optimus? Ugh. The Grimlock that would scale with a Voyager Optimus well looks like crap, and the one that wouldn't scale well is the one that looks good.
      The Optimuses so far are really disappointing.
    19. Prime Jetscream
      Prime Jetscream
      HOLY CRAP.

      This is SO CONFUSING.

      Looks kinda disappointing, like they didn't change anything whatsoever from FOC except the plot and levels.

      EDIT: Hey, yeah! All that dark blue on Drift is supposed to be black.
      I hope the final colors fix that...
    20. Prime Jetscream
      Prime Jetscream
      I think the final ones will look better. Almost all of them have that crappy, ugly, gooey-looking proto-paint.
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