Jun 22, 2007
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What up May 26, 2019

    1. Moy
      It's okay, thx Red.
    2. Red Goblin
      Red Goblin
      Sorry for the late reply, happy new year to you too
    3. Moy
      Cool, yeah that game is a favorite of mine because of how accurate the models are to the movies. I'm all for another game in hopes to see favorites like Bonecrusher or Mixmaster.
    4. Livingdeaddan
      Ah yeah, they have that at the supermarket! Sometimes play it with my son! ha.

      I'm sure they'll get the TF Ride at USJ eventually! They've got development space still, and not to mention The crappy old Backdraft experience wasting perfectly good space! :D
    5. closetrat
      Thanks man - hope you're having a Happy New Year!
    6. Moy
      Doing good thx man.
    7. capcomkai
      Hey!!How's going? ^^ Happy new year to you too!
    8. Moy
      You have any videos? I'd love to see
    9. Shin-Gouki
      Pretty damn good, but actually my best is Zangief.
    10. Moy
      Haha, ok we'll see soon.
    11. Ash from Carolina
      Ash from Carolina
      Oh darn I don't think my imagine can reach the sort of numbers it might do this weekend. Feels like even if I picked a fairly ridiculous number it might not be enough.
    12. Moy
      Same here.
    13. Dotmshockwave
      Thanks Moy. I visited Universal Studious recently and decided I wanted one of the Ride's pictures and lines, I freaking LOVE that ride!
    14. Ash from Carolina
      Ash from Carolina
      Got to say the World of Warcraft trailer was a lot more impressive than I ever could have imagined. I don't even want to make a guess at the box office since there have been so many players and World of Warcraft mentions have popped up so often in pop culture.

      Good, bad, I always have a tough time guessing those ahead of time. My gut was totally wrong on Fury Road and Mission Impossible 5 so it's great that films can still turn out better than expected. Takes the sting out of movies when a few films don't live up to their hype.

      But yea always looking forward to the next year in film. Just love movies too much not to get excited about new stuff.
    15. Moy
      Early Rampage custom, yes, so nice. You think tf5 will be even more human in design?
    16. Red Goblin
      Red Goblin
      Oh my. That's new. I hope we see something like this in the future but I doubt it since they're going for more humanoid approach now.
    17. Moy
      That's great man. I'm doing much better, I recently moved to a new place. Seen this?
    18. Red Goblin
      Red Goblin
      Hey there Moy, how are you? I'm doing good, just busy with school and all that stuff.
    19. Moy
      I agree.
    20. capcomkai
      Hi,Moy,I don't know if Prime1 will release their version too? If they have the DOTM copy right,then why not?
      but the Matrix studio really did a great job on that.
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