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    1. ShOcKwAvE1213
      Hello. Someone told me that you were the one who wrote The Reign of Starscream. I just want to let you know that comic is my favorite Transformers comic. It was great, and you are extremely talented. I loved the characters especially Ramjet and Starscream. The only thing that I didn't like is that Ramjet died. That's okay though, because I loved that comic. Anyways it was a really awesome pleasure to talk to you.
    2. Mowry
      tehKOREANdude - Thanks so much for the kind words about RoS and the others. Yes, it was pretty difficult to do those two prequels because we didn't have much we could work with. The need to turn the plot of a comic into something that matches a movie was a bit frustrating at first, but towards the end I think you can see where the limitations started to materialize. Defiance in my mind starts off weak, but finishes pretty strong. Alliance starts out strong, and after a few tweaks and mandates, ends just as a basic shoot 'em up sort of book. I had other ideas in mind, but that's just how it went. But either way, I'm glad that you liked them and I can't say how much I appreciate your feedback. Thanks.
    3. Mowry
      Wow, has it been THAT long since I've logged in here? First thing's first....

      Afterburn96 - I had an issue in Alliance where an attempt is made by Barricade to recover Megatron's remains. Barricade had reformated himself into a police boat of all things and is then confronted by Storm Surge. Since I wasn't able to have Barricade do that, that story was scrapped. I always wanted to do a sea battle, though!
    4. tehKOREANdude
      Wow, the questions on this page have ridiculously abysmal spelling. -.-
      On a slightly more on-topic note, I loved 'The Reign of Starscream'! It must be difficult making those prequel/sequel comics like 'Alliance', 'Defiance', etc., especially because your cast of characters (and what they are able to do) are confined by the actual movies, and by the released Hasbro toys. Regardless, I think those series did a superb job working within those parameters.
    5. Afterburn96
      Hey, Mr. Mowry. I have a question: Why Dropkick appeared in the cover of the issue 4 of RoS? And why you didnĀ“t use the character Storm Surge in any Tf comic that you did?
    6. eagc7
      DID YOU HEARD?, Shockwave is in Transforemrs 3 has hte main villian!,

      Aslo bay Syas that the twisn are not in TF3, but Twins Lovers Dosent belvie him ahs 2 Chevy saprks with Balck colros and some bits of The tiwsn colros are seen on set
    7. Mowry
      Yes, that's what I mean. Personally, I don't care. But just know that IDW or Hasbro could very easily have a problem with that. I'll just chalk it up to you not knowing any better.

      And to answer a previous-but-now-deleted question, I like G1 Arcee, but for reasons mentioned earlier, I like the movieverse Arcee a lot now.
    8. eagc7
      what you mean? (if you want me to remvoe them then i will remove them, if is that then i jsut aded them for the fnas that have no comci sotres or have missed the Comic, cna read them or you mean of soemthing esle?)
    9. Mowry
      Hey, eagc7. I have a question for you. Do you think it's acceptable to post our books on YouTube basically as scans that are enlarged for people to read? Just curious as to why you have so many on your page.

      YouTube - eagc7's Channel
    10. Mowry
      The ship in RoS was never called the Nemesis. I had a feeling that the Decepticon flagship would be used someday. Alex drew a ship that had some resemblance to it, but it is not that ship. The crashed one with The Fallen on board is the Nemesis.
    11. eagc7
      question, is the nemesis from reign of starscream the smae has rotf or its stasrcream OWN VERSION of the nemesis?
    12. eagc7
      true and ok
    13. Mowry
      Well, they're called different names and we never saw Blackout resurrected, so I say they're separate. I have a few figures from the movie line. Pretty much only the ones I wrote something about, though.
    14. eagc7
      i know, jsut wanted to knwo IF IN YOUR OPINION they are the same cahracter or you consider them seprate characters in yoru opinion anyway do you have any figure from the movie line?
    15. Mowry
      Don't know. It didn't specify in the script, and I didn't work on the movie.
    16. eagc7
      was blackout was ever meant to be grindor on rotf or not
    17. eagc7
      Lol she is my fav fembot too
    18. Mowry
      Arcee, of course.
    19. eagc7
      Question: Which is your fav Female Transformer
    20. eagc7
      ok thanks :)
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