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Jul 19, 2019
    1. MasterxBlaster
      What up bruh!! how have you been!?? Mayne your lil one must be close to a year now right? its been a minute! How all is gro0ovy fam! Give me a holla! Bless Up~!
    2. MasterxBlaster
      SHAWEET!! Yeah Ill be out there still on Sunday bro! Hope yall can make it! It would be dope to hang out!
    3. MasterxBlaster
      Yeah Ima be headin out there for botcon! Im a be helpin instruct Enclines 3rd party Custom Class on Thursday night. My first time to a toy convention, and ALL TRANSFORMERS!! no way i can miss it!!
    4. MasterxBlaster

      Are you thinkin about attendin botcon bruh?
    5. MasterxBlaster
      Nice Bro!! I got to play around with Enclines Springer and that thing is bad ass!! Im definitely gonna have to swoop those up soon!! been super busy bruh!! Hardly on TFW anymore! How have you been?
    6. MasterxBlaster
      Man I Feel you dogg, things slowing down for me, so I have hella spare time on my hands HAHA!! Some of the highlights are Hasbro's Releases of: 2 FOOT TALL FOC METROPLEX, GENERATIONS DELUXE TRAILBREAKER, GENERATIONS VOYAGER TRIPLE CHANGERS BLITZWING AND SPRINGER & MASTERPIECE SOUNDWAVE WITH ALL FIVE CASSETS!!!! Im excited for all of em!!

      DANG WHAAA?? Glad nothing was damaged mayne!! LOL Fareals?? Everyone here has had trouble finding him! I picked up FOC GRIMMY he's a hollow bastard but I love his BOT MODE!!!
    7. MasterxBlaster
      Hows the collecting goin bruh? What about Toy Fairs kick asssss reveals?? WAS NOT EXPECTING jack shit from Hasbro lol But boiiii do they got some gooooodies for us!! Hope all is well man!

      ~Collect em ALL~
    8. GrimlockAutobot
      Sent you a response about AM-12 Breakdown. Please LMK if you're still interested. I'll hold it until I hear from you again. THANKS!!
    9. Dadimus Prime
      Dadimus Prime
      Looks Freakin Amazing!... Ethan is gonna freak when he sees it!
      I owe you big time Bro! I had an idea for a small project, I'll run it by you when we meet up!
      Tyler TRU is good for me Bro, Tomorrow good for you? You're normally off on Wednesdays right?
      Hit me up if you wanna meet up MaƱana!
    10. Dadimus Prime
      Dadimus Prime
      DUDE!!!... You are Awesome my brother! Ethan is beyond stoked!
      You just keep getting better man! Can't wait to see it!
    11. Dadimus Prime
      Dadimus Prime
      It was my pleasure brotha! I think any time you and I need a bulk preorder, we should group buy, and save on shipping and such!... And yeah, those Jet-icons are definitely sweet!

      I'm drknss you've already started on the project, I know you're gonna make it look BadAss! The boy is super excited too!
    12. Dadimus Prime
      Dadimus Prime
      No worries bro... I was getting worried when I saw TA had em in stock and I hadn't heard anything, so I emailed them, and they said they had a billion pre-orders for the Jet Vehicons, and they are shipping them all first thing Monday morning (Today)... So I should be receiving a shipping confirmation any time now!.. We will have our Jet Vehicons this week bro!... Gotta plan a meetup
    13. Dadimus Prime
      Dadimus Prime
      Hey broski, yeah, any day now, I am hoping... Getting a little antsy waiting though...
      Seeing them show up on Robot Kingdom and TFSource, it's killing me, cuz I originally wanted to order from one of them... But back when I went to do our order, both of those stores closed their pre-orders, and I had to go with Toy Arena... Any day now, we should get shipping confirmation bro!

      ... Hey, you get that last message I sent you?
      If you want any of the SDCC Exclusives, I can get em for ya!

      Hey, also got a question for ya; I just got the AM-06 Skywarp from MasterxBlaster, and so now... We need a Thundercracker... If I can secure another FE Screamer, Would ya consider doin another custom TC???
    14. Dadimus Prime
      Dadimus Prime
      Hey brother,
      I met up with that collector in Riverside and scored the Bruticus (Which looks super Bad Ass and massive by the way!)... Talked to the dude about you (told him you were my Customizer homie! Lol)... Dude says he's got the Hiss Tank and Joes, and any other Exclusives you might want, and for a "homie hookup"!... Said to give you his number and have you hit him up!
      So let me know if your interested, okay bro?
    15. Dadimus Prime
      Dadimus Prime
      Dude, I am so happy to hear that, cuz I was feeling really crappy for not being able to find the Shockwave I hid for you at my TRU!... I really did hide it in the perfect place... No one woulda ever found it... But last week, that TRU did a RGIS inventory... So they find everything, cuz everything has to be counted... I was bummed I didn't get it for you bro!
      Pretty awesome Shockwave toy man! Just a bit to small in my opinion, but he totally fits with classics, prime, and of course foc/wfc!

      Hey, made an awesome contact in Riverside... A dude who's a huge TF collector, and can hook us up with Con Exclusives and imports for not much more than retail and original shipping cost!
      He is hookin me up with the SDCC stuff! Let me know if your interested, I'll connect you with him!
    16. MasterxBlaster
      Lol hella yeah mayne! Shit is gettting real!! We have a busy year ahead of us thats fasho!! You picking up green giant? I passed on hercs and hellllla looking forward to my classics Devy through maketoys!
    17. MasterxBlaster
      Sup with it pimpin! Shooot all this news coming in from SDCC is what's gooood!! haha!! Mayne so many goodies coming our way, i won't have a break from collecting sheessh! ha! And finally a classics BLASTER (well a cybertronian one) much better then that piece of shit universe one they tried to give us lol!!
    18. Dadimus Prime
      Dadimus Prime
      Hey brother... Yeah... I caved to the boy's begging for the Deadend figure while we were on vacation... Cool Paintjob and Headsculpt on that dude!... So yeah, let your nephew enjoy that guy like my boy is!... And thanks so much for picking it up in the first place Bro!... Promise if you ever score anything for us in the future, we'll wait for you to get it to us! LOL

      See any FOC guys yet?... If I find em, I'm gonna keep those guys in the hidden in the car until Ethan's birthday next month!
      Oh hey, have an awesome vacation camping this week Bro!
    19. Dadimus Prime
      Dadimus Prime
      Hey brother, You have a Happy 4th as well!
      We are enjoying the beach up for the week... And I told the boy no more toys for the weeks too... But only after we found Magnus at a TRU in Ventura, and then he nearly begged for the Deadend at Walmart up here!... Lol
      Can you still take your spare one back?

      Now the hunt for birthday gifts starts... Starting with the WFC deluxe toys... Keep an eye out!
    20. MasterxBlaster
      Good shit bruh! Ended up getting faded last night at our Party we had.. and didn't get to go to walmart until right now.. and was't nothing left except for Ratchet and Arcee.. so bunch of kids prolly picked up the other figs, which is good!!

      Nothing at retail at the moment. I've got a bunch of 3rd party shit to catch up on.

      Thanks tho fam!

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