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    1. Transformersdar
      Can u see me I'am pm you from the other room
    2. Transformersdar
    3. eagc7
      It does suck that Ironhide was killed but he had not, Sentinel's betraying the Autobots wouldn't be such a big deal. As for Jolt and the Twins, ppl say Jolt died at the hands of Shockwave but i dont consider the dotm comics cannon as they contradict the dotm game. Mudflap & Skids...I actually like them so I would have been happy to see them in TF3. The scene where they appear in the back is what I consider and editing error as if they forgot to remove it. I don't mind that they died or died protecting Bumblebee as long as they died along side Ironhide. Also Skids is the one that saved Bumblebee! Mudflap attacked Sentinel in fury over his brother's death but was killed! :D
      the DOTM Comics were never meant to take place within the Same continuty of the game, High Moon Studios Wanted to make their own Story and most likely they were not aware of the comics
    4. eagc7
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