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spawn of a glitch, Male, from San Diego

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Oct 26, 2023
    1. Raiju
      Actually, I only have one Hegemon but managed to pick up a 2nd set of his accessories (stock, barrel extension, dark energon sword, hilt parts) on eBay.

      I really only wanted a 2nd sword but I was messing around with the two stock pieces and found they can combine (thanks to the side ports/pegs) to form a longer stock. If I squish my arm in, the butt can be braced against the shoulder. I tightened up the joints by taking out the pins and applying the crazy glue trick so it's not floppy anymore.

      I'm loving his gun form even more and he feels pretty good in the hand. Still wish his trigger had some click to it but that's a minor quibble. If I was a more skilled painter, I'd paint him up in silver too but may pick up his Reprolabels set instead.


      TW-01 Hegemon in P38 alt mode
    2. megatroptimus
      Cool pic in your sig!
    3. Brrjit
      Brb writing fanfiction porn
    4. Brrjit
      "Go get him boss! Fuck him good!"
    5. Brrjit

      You know that Blaster liked it though ;)
    6. Lance Halberd
      Lance Halberd
      Dude, you're such an a-hole.

      The "a" stands for "awesome."
    7. Molini
      So let me get this straight. You want me to make you a thread so that way all the other high school kids can recognize your special day and say all sorts of nice things and give you well wishes and worship you as the popular kid with a fuzzy friend, all the while they are all unaware that you had to ask to have well wishes sent in your direction via happy b-day thread request...

      *Blasts you over the head with stuffed sock*


      But...happy b-day anyway. ;)
    8. MushroomPrime
      Make me a threaaaaaaaaad
    9. MushroomPrime
      My Birthday :D
    10. MushroomPrime
      Guess what today is :d :d :d
    11. JetRaid
      But that pretty much means you hate me :p
    12. Molini
      Hate is such a harsh word. I prefer...irritant.
    13. JetRaid
      I know you hate me and all but your posts are amazing.
    14. $shockwave$
      Don't worry it starts with one.
    15. $shockwave$
      You are the shit with your amazing posts dude!
    16. girafeswordsman
      Haha, that was some sick stuff right there bro. I'd try to write a few bars back, but I'm still pretty noob at rapping (though it doesn't stop me from occasionally trying to write stuff). Its awesome to see that there are people everywhere who respect real hip-hop, even on a forum about Transformers.

      And yeah, those homeless... Can't live with 'em, but it just wouldn't be the same without them.
    17. MushroomPrime
      lol, yeah

      It's really more of what comics I read when I was a kid. When I read Captain America stories, he was all badass and AMERICA, FUCK YEAH

      Bucky is more of a Captain America minus the badass but plus the story.

      Like I said in the MU thread earlier, if I find a pack I'll sell you the Cap for normal retail ($8 + shipping). But that's laughable, my area hardly ever gets good toys early.
    18. MushroomPrime
      I'm collecting all of the series because I've never read Secret Wars and I'd rather read it in person instead of online.

      One of his legs is shorter than that other :|. Not by much, but you can't stand him straight, he's gotta sit 'spread legged' which leave him open to kicks in the balls from Magneto

      at least he has the same fingers that Cyclops in your old sig had :lol
    19. MushroomPrime
      No Wave 5 yet, but definitely get the comic packs, they rock.

      Except there is this one GLARING issue with Cyclops
    20. Dark_Convoy
      Yes! It's happened, and girls are real fucking sneaky-like about it too. They use psychological warfare.
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