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Feb 27, 2020
Aug 11, 2008
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Feb 27, 2020
    1. Cleverpseudonym
    2. ironjazz
      merry christmas
    3. cobra zartan
      cobra zartan
      glad it worked out for you!
    4. cowclone
      waiting for all the parts the the making
    5. cowclone
      yo your customs rock like your bruticus and preadking what are you planning to do next?
    6. The Crazy Collector
      The Crazy Collector
      Just wanted send my appreciation your way for all of the advice you gave about picking a laptop. I picked up a Toshiba Satellite of the weekend, which, so far at least, I've been quite happy with. The tables comparing the fail rates and the processors was a big help. Anyway, just wanted to say thanks!
    7. lotussouljah
      Hey brother, thanks a lot for those painting tips in YR's thread. I'm definitely going with spray painting. However, I've never tried it on toys. What do you recommend for me to use to achieve that Energon Blue look for Complete Brutality? (Shh, I wanna keep that idea a bit of a secret! :D) From a little research and your advice, I'm going to pick up the Testors Clear Flat Finish, Krylon Ultra Flat Black Primer, and colours. Do you recommend Krylon Fusion for Plastic?
      Anyway, here's the plan for me: Parts wash in warm water and soap, thin coat of primer first, dry, apply colours, dry accordingly, finish with clear coat. As you can see, very vague, but I'm totally shook about this, don't wanna mess it up. Any advice you can offer will be great. I will continue to read the Radicon Tutorials till I got it memorized.
      Thanks a lot for reading this, hope to here from you soon!

    8. Drpee
      Cool, thanks i'll do that. Im new to this as well...well sorta...ive been doing repaints on models for ages, but only recently started painting transformers for a friend. I'll be uploading some to the radicons soon hopefully.
    9. Drpee
      Love your combiners, gonna befriend you if thats ok?
    10. thyvipera
      that would be awesome. i've been hoping someone would do a defensor using inferno. yea, i know what ya mean. i'm ready for some new figures to hit the shelves too.

      everything has been ok here. i'm working on a defensor, superion, and devy, for a couple of buyers. and i have all the parts and connectors ready for menasor # 2, i jsut have to glue and put them together and paint him.

      And last night, i started my latest project, predaking. he won't transform. he'll be a 20 inch detailed monster. i wanted to make him combine, but after looking the bots over, i decided that it would take too much of my time , so i've decided to make him a "sculpture". here's a pic of what i have so far. I pretty much have everything ready, i need to start putting him together.

      Glad to hear all is well. I hope you decide to revamp defensor, that would be awesome.

    11. thyvipera
      hey buddy,

      how u been? hadn't seen you around lately. u taking it easy? or maybe working on something?

      hope all is well man

    12. thyvipera
      Hey Andrew,

      thanks for keeping up with the custom. I've been in bed for the past week, sick with the flu virus. I'm finally back on my feet and have begun working on him again.

      I'm hoping to be finished with him very soon. I still need a sword for him. No ideas as to where to find one. Do you know of any places to look?

      My preadking has come in the mail as well. I havn't had a chance to sit fown with him, but from the looks of him, he's going to be challenge for the combiner connections, ughh.

    13. thyvipera
      Hey Moe,

      Superion is looking great, i love the colors. Do you have plans for a next combiner? to fill that empty spot on your sig? I have a predaking coming in the mail from china, I cant wait to start on that guy. Will you maybe be doing a predaking sometime soon? that would be awesome.
    14. thyvipera
      Ok, cool, yea I noticed the screws and plate on the back of the molds, but wasn't sure what was really going on.

      Yea, today I'm starting a commissioned Menasor for the guy who bought my Superion. As of now, I'm going to use cyb. prime, sideswipe, prowl, rodimus, and mirage. Then after him, I'm going to make the same client a defensor, which i'm really looking forward to. I love the way yours turned out.

      Cant wait to see your Superion, I know it's going to be kickass. Your bruticus is one of my favorite combiners to date.


      Cant wait to
    15. thyvipera
      hey moe!

      how's everything going? your menasor is looking awesome. if u dont mind me asking, how did u connect the unicron knees to the streaker/swipe molds? i've been tinkering with them but havnt come up with anything to my liking.

      and what's your next project going to be??
    16. Satomiblood
      I tried, but the way Wolvie's legs are positioned, I just don't think it'll work.

      Sadly, the non-partsformer route isn't looking too promising. As BH pointed out, the arms on Crossover Wolvia just aren't big enough to match up with the connected limbs. That's why I posted the pic with Cybertron Megatron's upper body: it gives me a chestplate, head, and arms to work with, but they dwarf the legs.

      So I'm looking into using the arms from RID Magnus. Those could possibly bulk up Wolvie's arms without making them that much bigger than the legs. I'm trying to achieve this with as little parts as possible.

      One thing I realized about using Cybertron Megatron's head is that it resembles Menasor. Although it is smaller than Supreme Starscream's. But at least you wouldn't have to mod it too much.
    17. Satomiblood
      These Radicon upgrades are driving me crazy. How's your current combiner project?
    18. yourreflection
      hey Moe, how do you connect the Sunstreakers? Would you mind sharing?
    19. whiskeytango
      its from the show arrested development. If you've never watched it, i highly recommend it. Also, love your bruticus man.
    20. hXcpunk23
      Just dropping in to give you props on your Bruticus custom! Great work so far and it's coming together quite nicely. I really dig the bots you chose and they do seem to fit together pretty well with the mods you've done. My favorite is the scratchbuilt head--it does look a bit large, but it fits well with what you've done. Keep up the great work! I'm still working on mine, but yours is inspiring and very different than my own plans--so it's great to see the different ideas being batted around here.
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