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May 19, 2023
Oct 3, 2010
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May 19, 2023
    1. MistaTee
      Yeah, I was planning on just sticking with MP stuff but some of these combiner wars have me intrigued. And of course the nice 3rd party items. I need to dump a lot of stuff though - movie, Armada trilogy.
    2. Shin Densetsu
    3. Shin Densetsu
      Shin Densetsu
      No I don't, nowhere near as much as I used to. I'm actually fed up with trying to track down releases while dealing with distribution issues and unhelpful employees. So I might be preordering/tracking down Takara releases more in the future.
    4. RatTrap1985
      Hey, you find a sandstorm? They're ALL over the place down here in Texass.
    5. RatTrap1985
      I haven't seen a sandstorm since the 4 I saw at the sterling Walmart.
    6. RatTrap1985
      They have a ton of dreadwings at the sterling Walmart. They also had a few vehicons if you're interested.
    7. RatTrap1985
      Hi, if you ever need help finding any toys let me know.
    8. MistaTee
      Hey Jetfire, sorry, I JUST saw this message. Yes I am a TFW n00b lol. Thanks for the info, and I'll check my messages more often!
    9. Jetfire5
      Hey T, nice to have another set of eyes out there. Welcome. I think theres a proposition to have a meet up in DC (National Mall - week of or around Oct 4th). I know I'm not much of a "meet up" person, but if you are I suggest getting to know through Private Messaging (PM by clicking on the names in sightings threads) those in the VA/DC/MD sightings pages - they've helped me out on numerous occasions (saving on gas and time). In terms of Animated TRU Exclusives... damn there was a span of two weeks when it hit in droves, bro. I would try the TRU in Fair Lakes (the one with the Target and Walmart in walking distance of eachother). Get to know Jason by walking in and asking customer service for him... chop it up for 5 mins, let him know what lines you're interested in (by then you'd be able to call TRU on the mornings of Tues and Thrs - stocking days and have Jason hold stuff for you - as soon as the customer service rep answers request Jason - its faster than trying to explain what you're looking for from a noob). Keep this information low as it's a strategy kept from the scalpers- We're a brotherhood on TFW- respect that and you'll get what you want, when you want (and for less than others outsiders would get it for sometimes). Have a blast on TFW!
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