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Aug 2, 2020
    1. MCPRIME
      Hi. Do you still have robot replicas sideswipe for sale?
    2. SoundwaveSuperior
      Hey, sent a PM yesterday about something in your sales thread.
    3. Automorpher
      Hi mate,

      Sent you 2 PMs so please respond from there, thanks! :)


    4. GingaMagnus
      Quickstrike: Oh do they?

      UM84: *Hand on his sword handle*

      UM84's soundwave: *Displays a message saying* LOL stupid eradicons

      UM84's shockwave: I believe i can. *Claps his hands, the driller appears with high grade tea*

      What else do i need to know about gabranth?
    5. GingaMagnus
      Quickstrike: Uh, ya?

      UM84: Stay away from me.

      UM84's Soundwave: ^^;

      UM84's shockwave: Yes i do

      Ah Okay :D
    6. GingaMagnus
      Quickstrike: Ya' welcome.

      UM84: Uh huh.... *Slowly side stepping away*

      UM84's soundwave: *Beep*

      UM84's shockwave: Ya

      That looks AWESOME. How good is the figure?
    7. GingaMagnus
      Quickstrike: Ya!

      UM84:.... dude. Did you just call a male transformer sexy?

      UM84's soundwave: *Boop*

      UM84's Shockwave: I noticed.

      Final Fantasy VII - One Winged Angel - YouTube Come at me bro. *Pulls out two swords* (And now i start imagining me vs gabranth >.> where can i buy a figure of him?)
    8. GingaMagnus
      Quickstrike: Your always cute, suga'!

      UM84: My only lockdown is dead, remember?

      UM84's Soundwave: *Beep wub wooooop*

      UM84's Shockwave: But it's my crazy home.

      Awww... can i atleast slap saber?
    9. GingaMagnus
      Quickstrike: Indeed it does. *Smiles*

      UM84: Nope. Unless you want to scare a corpse.

      (UM84's Soundwave: *Beep beep*

      UM84's Shockwave: Ya i'm sure.

      I don't care! *Pulls out a sword* Time to die :ev: Soul Calibur IV - Nightmare Critical Finish - YouTube
    10. GingaMagnus
      Quickstrike: Yup :D

      UM84: oh ya, totally.

      UM84's Soundwave:.......... *Beedle boop*

      UM84's Shockwave: It can get crazy here.

      Alright Later! Tell erica and saber i want to kill them! :D
    11. GingaMagnus
      Quickstrike: Ah'm okay, suga' *Chuckles*

      UM84: Except those red eyes.

      UM84's Soundwave: *Beep beep boop bop*

      UM84's Shockwave: Especially here.

      Ya r.i.d cliffjumper is a pass :lol

      I love soundwave and wheeljack though.
    12. GingaMagnus
      Quickstrike: Oh no! Cuteness enduced heart attack! I'm dying! *Chuckles*

      UM84: Well she is adorable. Unless you make her mad.

      UM84's soundwave: *Beep*

      UM84's Shockwave: Nope. No ratchets. And we can't wait that long for a medic.

      Lucky :lol

      Oh ya they are. Oh and by the way i got a few R.I.D deluxe prime figures and while i like them all the only one i really don't recommend is cliffjumper. The arm tabs are kinda lose and look like they're gonna break. I'd say wait for the first edition or terrorcon version.
    13. GingaMagnus
      Quickstrike: *Chuckles*

      UM84: Wait a minute, what?

      UM84's scream: I am NOT repeating that one.

      UM84's Shockwave: Hey, someone in this damn collection has to be.

      Nice :lol

      And awesome! I wish classics optimus wasn't so expensive but hey it's the great classics voyager optimus, it's buy it now available on e-bay, and it's in great condition
    14. GingaMagnus
      Quickstrike: Ahh! My one true weakness! Heerrr blehh.....

      UM84: I bet so.

      UM84's Scream: Soundwave? What do you have to say?

      UM84's Shockwave; Besides i'm one of the most competant scientists/medics on tfw.

      Any links to what they look like? :lol oh and how is the classics voyager optimus mold?
    15. GingaMagnus
      Quickstrike: *Holds up his* Muhahaha and what're ya'll gonna do ta'h stop me?

      UM84: *Chuckles* Awww quickstrike is nothing but a giant teddy bear.

      UM84's Scream: You want some ice? Cause you got burned.

      UM84's Shockwave: I can handle it.

      Ah i see. ANy pictures?
    16. GingaMagnus
      Quickstrike: Kay then.

      UM84's Scream: We beg to differ.

      UM84's Shockwave: Alright.

      Yay! What shinkis?
    17. GingaMagnus
      Quickstrike: Oh ya.

      UM84's Scream: Huh? Oh ya... he is rather glitchy isn't he?

      UM84's Shockwave: I have a better idea. *Looks at mini* So do you have any spare plutonium around here?

      Oh ya i'm planning on getting classics voyager optimus off ebay
    18. GingaMagnus
      Quickstrike: Now where was ah'?

      UM84's scream: Odd indeed, soundwave.

      UM84's Shockwave: Oh this is fun to use.
    19. GingaMagnus
      Quickstrike: Thank ya'll

      UM84's Scream: Soundwave, that must have hard to explain to megatron. oh and if an 12 year old nerd can do it so can i.

      UM84's shockwave: This is fun.
    20. GingaMagnus
      Quickstrike: *Carefully pulls his weapons out of their mech tech ports*

      (UM84's) Scream: You said it, soundwave. *Turns to mini's star* Well duh.

      UM84's "wave": What? You should try it. She practically kneels before me when i do this. *Flexes* It's quite nice actually.
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