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Aug 2, 2020
    1. MCPRIME
      Hi. Do you still have robot replicas sideswipe for sale?
    2. SoundwaveSuperior
      Hey, sent a PM yesterday about something in your sales thread.
    3. Automorpher
      Hi mate,

      Sent you 2 PMs so please respond from there, thanks! :)


    4. GingaMagnus
      Quickstrike: *Holds up his* Muhahaha and what're ya'll gonna do ta'h stop me?

      UM84: *Chuckles* Awww quickstrike is nothing but a giant teddy bear.

      UM84's Scream: You want some ice? Cause you got burned.

      UM84's Shockwave: I can handle it.

      Ah i see. ANy pictures?
    5. GingaMagnus
      Quickstrike: Kay then.

      UM84's Scream: We beg to differ.

      UM84's Shockwave: Alright.

      Yay! What shinkis?
    6. GingaMagnus
      Quickstrike: Oh ya.

      UM84's Scream: Huh? Oh ya... he is rather glitchy isn't he?

      UM84's Shockwave: I have a better idea. *Looks at mini* So do you have any spare plutonium around here?

      Oh ya i'm planning on getting classics voyager optimus off ebay
    7. GingaMagnus
      Quickstrike: Now where was ah'?

      UM84's scream: Odd indeed, soundwave.

      UM84's Shockwave: Oh this is fun to use.
    8. GingaMagnus
      Quickstrike: Thank ya'll

      UM84's Scream: Soundwave, that must have hard to explain to megatron. oh and if an 12 year old nerd can do it so can i.

      UM84's shockwave: This is fun.
    9. GingaMagnus
      Quickstrike: *Carefully pulls his weapons out of their mech tech ports*

      (UM84's) Scream: You said it, soundwave. *Turns to mini's star* Well duh.

      UM84's "wave": What? You should try it. She practically kneels before me when i do this. *Flexes* It's quite nice actually.
    10. GingaMagnus
      Quickstrike: Thank ya kindly.

      (UM84's) Scream: Oh so she DID pull through! I told you a virus wouldn't kill her.

      UM84's "wave": Oh right... one second... *Rips off his rib looking chest armor, oddly enough revealing human like pectoral muscles* Heh heh.... *Starts playing "sexy sax" music*
    11. GingaMagnus
      Quickstrike: Sure tha'ng! *Smiles, turns to angel* Would you mind getting my weapons somewhere safe? They tend to go off when i sit down.

      (UM84's) Scream: Oh that reminds me... how is your mother, soundwave?

      UM84's "wave": Not THAT way... i'm into femmes not mechs.
    12. GingaMagnus
      Quickstrike: Kay....

      (UM84's) Scream: No soundwave please go on. I always LOVED hearing your beeping.

      UM84's "wave": Let us settle this the old fashioned sexy british purple one eyed robot way.
    13. GingaMagnus
      Quickstrike: May i go put it out of it's misery? It's kinda cruel to leave it like that.

      (UM84's) Scream: Ha ha. I just arrived today and guess what. *Points to his colored red head crest*

      LUCKY! I want one....

      UM84's "wave": This is turning into a "male reproductive system" fight really quickly....
    14. GingaMagnus
      Quickstrike: Ouch....

      (UM84's) We. Are. THE SAME. plus my head crest is actually show acurate! What about yours, grey fin?

      (UM84's) Shockwave: Use your imagination

      UM84: While i'm not afraid of you i'm afraid of your daughter getting mad. I'll make sure he returns in one piece.
    15. GingaMagnus
      Quickstrike: Hmmm. Ah' doubt ah'll have that experience.

      (UM84's) Scream: We look the same, fragard.

      (UM84's) Shockwave: Uh huh. Prove it.

      UM84: Don't worry, ma'am. Fallen is in good hands here.

      *Dirge is trying to sneak up behind fallen, gets slashed in half by UM84*

      UM84: Goooooood hands.
    16. GingaMagnus
      Quickstrike: Ah'll believe it when ah' see it.....

      (UM84's) Scream: Heh heh.

      (UM84's) Shockwave: Oh don't be such a baby.

      Fallen: Not around partio.
    17. GingaMagnus
      Quickstrike: Well she's a racist glitch.... she thinks ah'm evil just cuse ah'm a quickstrike.

      (UM84's): Heh heh heh.... loser.

      (UM84's) Shockwave: Heh heh.

      Fallen: Perhaps.
    18. GingaMagnus
      Quickstrike: Thank ya, ma'am.

      (UM84's) I doubt even shockwave could understand women.....

      UM84: Heh heh heh :ev: ...

      Shockwave: Yes yes.... [IMG]

      Fallen: I sorta kinda.... got here by accident. I don't even know how i left.

      Shockwave: Ya it's odd....
    19. GingaMagnus
      Quickstrike: Your friend here needs her daily dose of crazy pills

      (UM84's): If it's anywhere near as complicated as women normally are that'll take awhile

      Shockwave: Oh hold on..... *Poses* [IMG]

      UM84: Oh fallen wants to say something [IMG]
    20. GingaMagnus
      Quickstrike: Well partner, ah' don' wanna fight with the little one here but if you don't stop trying to corrupt her yourself ah'll have to intervene

      (UM84's): Then why are you on the floor, not being cuddled in favor of the con who got barely any lines and isn't in your show yet?

      Shockwave: Eh, what do i have to lose? *Puts on a monocle*
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