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    1. Red Goblin
      Red Goblin
      It has some official and unreleased stuff but it posts quite a lot of fake stuff as well. Weird.
    2. Red Goblin
      Red Goblin
      Which page is that?
    3. eagc7
      thats all we know
    4. Red Goblin
      Red Goblin
      Okay, thanks.
    5. eagc7
      because we still dont know if the movie Optimus went thru the same as his tfp counterpart, as they havent confirmed yet if movie Prime have a connection with his aligned counterpart, just like all the primes are connected to all versions that all continuities. but to awnser your question, this is how the Transformers Prime Optimus was reborn

      Optimus Prime (WFC) - Transformers Wiki

      Optimus emerged mostly unharmed from the final conflict that split the Thirteen. However, upon the activation of the Well of All Sparks, Optimus chose to enter into it and be reborn as one of the lesser Transformers, in order to know them and their needs better. He did so, and was recreated as the simple Orion Pax. Alpha Trion recognized what had once been his fellow 'bot, and made a note to keep an eye on him later.
    6. eagc7
      (of course it would still cause an issue with Prime saying "they were ur brother too" if he doesnt remember, but then again he knew who Fallen was at the end of the movie, so perhaps he regained some of his memories?), but again do not take this as a canon awnser,
    7. eagc7
      if Movie Prime was one of the original primes like his tfp counterpart, then if anyone would know that its Fallen, so if thats the case here too, then the line with Fallen makes sense, as Movie Optimus could possibly be one of the original primes, thus one of his brothers, without the memories of his past.
    8. eagc7
      and okay
    9. eagc7
      if Movie Optimus was too one of the original tfs in the movieverse like in the tfp universe, then yes. he is.
    10. eagc7
      well, its been established in the Transformers: Prime continuity thru The Covenant of Primus book that Optimus Prime is indeed part of the original transformers. he was the last born of the original transformers. but eventually he was reborn in a new body without any kind of memories of his past. and it been said by Hasbro that all of the original Primes in every continuities are Multiversal singularity in way they are all the same guys within the multiverse. so if it applies to Optimus too, then he's part of the dynasty in the movieverse too, before he died and was reborn in a new body without any past memories of his days

      but DONT take this as an canon awnser, just trying to awnser this with what hasbro have confirmed about Optimus Prime and his status on the original transformers thing.

      maybe why not ya make a thread asking about ur question. maybe u will get a better awnser and one that makes more sense there
    11. eagc7
      he said brothers, not brother (as in all of the primes)
    12. eagc7
      nooooo. film releases tommorow, but aint seeing till friday or maybe next week
    13. eagc7
    14. eagc7
    15. capcomkai
    16. Red Goblin
      Red Goblin
      Hey can I ask a favor from you? Can you ask this person if he/she has that render in hi-res and send? Thanks.

      Instagram photo by @pinklala95 (
    17. capcomkai
      Hey~~really!!?? what's your name of FB??
    18. Red Goblin
      Red Goblin
      A correction, he's actually 25 ft which is absurd.
    19. AshleyCuadra
    20. eagc7
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