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    1. eagc7
      nice :)

      i am working on my stop motions
    2. eagc7
    3. eagc7
    4. eagc7
    5. eagc7
    6. eagc7
      it would be awesome
    7. eagc7
      the more difficult it is to understand the storyline
      not to me

      but lets keep in mind, we still have 2 more movies to go, all we know is okay so there were some aliens that created the transformers and thats it, we still have 2 more movies for them to explain more about those guys and see how all fits with the previously established stuff mainly the Primes thing and the Allspark
    8. eagc7
      oh yeah he also explained how Elita-1 was alive in ROTF despite the fact she died before ROTF happened, by stating that she was revived by Decepticon medic Flatline

      again this is another thing UNRELATED to the creators/Prime thing

      everything we've seen in the novels, comics and films still fit perfectly. the only plot hole is just the Prime thing (which again is easssssssssssssssssssy to fix, i have been telling how everything could fit together perfectly), everything else we've seen previously is still fine
    9. eagc7
      3. Starscream had Space Bridge device in the comics, Sentinel Prime reveals he created the tech and only he can use in the movies, he fixed this in the same prose story by stating that Thundercracker found the pillars in the moon and made his own version.

      there are 3 of his most known examples, NONE of them have to do with the origins of the Transformers and Prime, so his work have no "Gone to nothing".
    10. eagc7
      well i think the origin of the Prime does have something to do with AoE
      i was talking of the plot holes Barber fixed in the DOTM comics, which are ALL unrelated to the origin of Optimus Prime. so the stuff he fixed have nothing to do with the origins of the transformers, just simple plot holes made by the movies and the comics, here are the plot holes he fixed

      1. the contradicting date of when Megatron was transported to S7, film said one thing, Movie 1 prequels said other thing, he fixed this in the DOTM comics
      2. Fallen was trapped in a relic in comics, but freed in movies, he fixed this in a prose story on the DOTM adaptation
    11. eagc7
      Kruger also wrote ROTF the film where its stated that Prime is a decesdant of the primes. so he also contradicted his own work. (which i do not think so, because as i said i am able to figure out how the creators fits with everything), the comics didnt came up with the Prime is a decesdant thing, it was Kruger himself who came up with that (alongside Bob Orci and Alex Kurtzman)

      and not all of Barber work was "screwed up" as u think, because almost everything he fixed, had NOTHING TO DO with the AOE thing
    12. eagc7
      not for me, i am able to connect the dots myself. and figure how to connect all this stuff with the creators with the previously stablished stuff

      hopefully IDW will make more prequel comics for fix the mistakes, the writter of the DOTM comics John Barber fixed all of the continuity mistakes in the comics and movies. if they do more comics, lets hope John Barber writes them so that he can fix them.
    13. eagc7
      but lets keep in mind, Ratchet said that, not a single Decepticon, not Megatron, What if Megatron never intended to do that, but the Autobots just assumed (wrongly) that he was going to do it?

      Neither the other primes be related to each other because they were built too., but then again in G1, they were created by the quienttensons and despite that they still have brothers and such despite the fact they were built too.

      Remember NONE of the Transformers knew they were built, they all think they were born and made out of scratch by the Allspark. Sentinel and Optimus think/thought they were relatives from the Primes, as i suggested maybe they were built as part of a new line up of primes, but unrelated to the older ones, but since they thought they were born, maybe they thought they were relatives of the older primes (when infact they were wrong all this time?)
    14. eagc7
      No, its not nonsense, he was going to use it to bring our technology to life, OUR tech comes from Megatron, so in a way all of our tech are Cybertronian in origin. so in a way they are lifeless Transformers too.

      Optimus is supposed to be the Prime's descendent or reincarnation, but how could he be that now when is built instead of born?
      the reincarnation thing is for the Transformers Prime continuity not the movieverse, i only used that exalple for explain in a way the brothers thing. simple Creators built him as a member of the Primes lineup (Sentinel aswell).
    15. eagc7
      No, this is what is belivied to have happened, the Creators built the Transformers and then they used the Allspark to give their robots life. like many confusing things, once u read the timeline thing it starts to make sense
      Movie timeline - Transformers Wiki

      Galvatron/Megs thing is easy, because as we see he was able to bring life to all of the lifeless man made Transformers with his new powers, so Megatron can easily use the seed to create transfornium and then build his own Decepticons and give them life like he did with his army
    16. eagc7
      Optimus said that the creators created the Transformers race (not him, but all of them) with the use of the seed. or something similar when the group arrives to that train station. even TFWIKI list them as the creators of the Transformers race
      Creator (AOE) - Transformers Wiki

      and not it doesnt cause any continuity error. because thats what Optimus thought. it been said that in the ROTF novels/early scripts that Sam held all info of the Transformers history when the allspark info went into his head, when he was revived all that info went into the Matrix, thus Optimus now knows the history of their race with the Matrix, thats at first he didnt who fallen was at the beginning and why he acted like if he knew of him at the end

      Optimus thought the Allspark made them, but he now knows the Allspark did NOT made them.
    17. eagc7
      Not exactly, after all the Transformers THINK they were born, but they didnt knew they were built. Lockdown even said "You think you were Born?". which means that all Cybertronians thought they were born. but they didnt knew they were actually built by someone.

      Optimus Prime is NOT the only Transformer built by the Creators (Quintensons?). the ENTIRE Transformer race was built by them, therefore this also means ALL of the primes including the Dynasty were also built, Sentinel Prime, Prima, Fallen, Unnamed Prime #3, Unnamed Prime #4, Unnamed Prime #5, Unnamed Prime #6 and Unnamed Prime #7 all of them were built. all the primes were built. but all of them thought they were born, none of them knew they were built.
    18. eagc7
      so what was thequestion about AOE u wanted to ask me?
    19. eagc7
      Saw AOE :)
    20. Red Goblin
      Red Goblin
      I'm sure some people has the hi-res one. ;) But I really want Bee, it sucks that they don't release these officially.
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