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Not Pessimus Prime

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    1. rram73
      I'm interested in taking blade off of your hands. Let me know, I can send payment today.
    2. Psvforever
      Hey man in Ireland would consider seĺling my MB limbs have all 4
    3. DPrime
      Hey man, I randomly saw your post about wanting "a good deal" on a Hercules... just wondering if you'd have an offer in mind. I am not really into the Classics aesthetic anymore and am looking for a buyer, or a trade. Anyway, hit me up if interested, thanks!
    4. Hadlen_Weltall
      I'll post something on the Comparison thread later but because you asked, I'd tell you directly. I got my Warbotron C-03 set and put it all together last night (except for the Grimlock kit, I'll work on that later). Compared to Quantron it's a massive, heavy figure with a lot of part swapping. Personally I think Quantron is more faithful to the original Computron and more cohesive than C-03. Warbotron is impressive, but to me it looks like when you put a G1 Computron together and you leave the chest plate off and you're literally looking at the five robots linked together without something that holds your eye to the center of the robot to unify the design. I wish there was a way of putting the 'war-axe' nosecone from Not-Scattershot on the back of the combined figure.
      Warbotron is a little easier to combine with straight plug/spring tab posts, but the leg posts are so damn tight I feel like I'm going to have to use a pry-bar to separate them.
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