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Aug 24, 2016
    1. kaijuguy19
      Really? Like what?

      Hope you get your PRID Arcee by the way. She's really a great toy!
    2. eagc7
    3. kaijuguy19
      Nothing much. What about you? :)
    4. eagc7
      i know :)
    5. eagc7
      i like bee too
    6. eagc7
      he said he saw the orange roadbuster repaint at USA, but fearing i may had it, he passed on it, however i only own the green version, not the orange version :(

      and from what it seems, i was wrong when he said he picked other 2 tfs before megs and prime, which means i misehard, also it seems he wasnt able to pick another PRID toy (then again he was busy in his last 2 dyas there)
    7. eagc7
      my dad returned from USA
    8. eagc7
    9. eagc7
      what u mean?, i dont understood what u meant
    10. eagc7
      TrueNomadSkies states that shipping a deluxe from canada to guatemala would be around 16 (if shipped on land) and 36 (if shipped on air)
    11. eagc7
      i wish he could find some of the remaining DOTM Toys that i need
    12. eagc7
      Cyberverse Optimus and Megatron
    13. eagc7
      he only told 2 of them
    14. eagc7
      according to my dad he got me 4 tfs as of now at USA
    15. Lady Owl
      Lady Owl
      *poke* I dunno.
    16. Lady Owl
      Lady Owl
      *le sigh*
    17. kaijuguy19
      How was your day mate? Good?

      Anyway here's a question I just thought up today. what are your thoughts on the whole humanXtransformers shipping deal? The reason I asked this is that I've heard of a rumor around Deviantart about in Prime around the end of Season 2 or around 3 Arcee and Jack get caught by Airachnid and thinking it's thier last moment they kiss. Again it's only a rumor I've heard.
    18. TrueNomadSkies
      Well, the ones on Heavytread in there come from the Bombshock set. It comes with a grey tank (the one used on both arms), a missile carrier (another arm), a jeep (leg), and a tank truck (used on Heavytread as both legs).

      Crankcase comes with darker repaints of the missile carrier & jeep, along with a plane & helicopter. I don't really like the fliers are limbs, but I think they look great on their own. What I actually did was retain the Bombshock molds, but replace the Crankcase repaints with the arm & leg, and I have the plane/coptor on my Unicron shelf now.
    19. kaijuguy19
      I am. Thanks again. :)
    20. TrueNomadSkies
      Well, I'd probably recommend Bombshock or Crankcase (great scout main figures & great military drones), but your best bet would just be to look at pics online, see which ones you like best, and then hunt around the Junkion exchange for the best deal.
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