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Aug 24, 2016
    1. eagc7
      what ur going to buy? Soundwave? (cause he's the only deluxe i know so far that cost around 30 bucks)
    2. eagc7
    3. eagc7
      dont worry i also missed to notice ur reply aswell lolz
    4. eagc7
    5. kaijuguy19
      It does look like Bulkhead may die this time. I wouldn't be suprised if he didn't however.
    6. Kylehudson14
    7. kaijuguy19
      Good to hear that.

      So what are your thoughts on the Insecticon Hardshell?
    8. kaijuguy19
      Just relaxing a bit. What about you? :)
    9. eagc7
      just checking youtube, you?
    10. Kylehudson14
      Nothin much. Todays a really slow day

      What about u? :)
    11. Lady Owl
    12. CodeXCDM
      ...OOOOHHHH.... right... the first half was glamor-ish shots... and the second half... yea... Ok I see the confusion. But eh... didn't think the latter would ever be confused as trolling tbh. Just um... enjoy the first three pics..?

      Oh and *smh* means Scratching My Head, usually when one is a bit puzzled...
    13. Kylehudson14
      Im sleepy, I thought reprolabels would make a set for US Arcee & a different set for AM Arcee. Looking at it I realize thats silly :lol
    14. Kylehudson14
      Yep! Theres always reprolabels!:D Im hoping they make some pink for the US PRID Arcee, then I might bite :p
    15. Kylehudson14
      Totally agreed on PRID Arcee!

      I cant wait to see some comparisons either, the pink looks great! It wouldve been nice for them to have made some pink for her head, but its not that bad. The pegs on her wings arent bad IMO, but I find it funny that ppl are making jokes about'em being "wing nipples" :lol
    16. kaijuguy19
      Yeah the death of Optimus is pretty overused lately. However what if ither Starscream or Megatron did a surpising move and died a heroic death in the end? That is if the writers are going for either of them to reform later on.

      I bet Cliffjumper,Skyquake,and Breakdown wish they could've had the imunnity card with them .:lol
    17. kaijuguy19
      I can see Optimus sying in the end of the show. Same goes for Megatron.

      If Arcee does dies it should be at the end of the show. That way it would still be sad but she'll also had a long run. Like you said Bumblbee's almost off the hook. Then again Optimus in G1 didn't seem to be the one to die back then until the 1986 film came so who knows?
    18. Kylehudson14
      Thats OK.:)

      I like him alot, didnt realize how small the mold was though.

      Awesome! You'll like PRID Arcee, personally I think shes just a little better than the FE. U excited about the Arms micron Arcee?
    19. Kylehudson14
    20. kaijuguy19
      That's true. This is only some specualtion I've been thinking up.

      They do have the right to kill off two or even all of the cast. The question is how are they going to do it? I mean as unlikley as Arcee dying is I find it even more unlikley that Bumblebee would be killed off because he's currently Hasbro big flagship character next to Optimus. If they do kill him off that'll be a very bold move.
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