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Aug 24, 2016
    1. Superwheeljack
      Oh, ok, thanks anyway. Sorry about the confusion. He was just being a jerk to me earlier on.
    2. lobius
      i seen some of your post an i liked them you dont have to accept i understand if youd rather not accept my friends request.
    3. Superwheeljack
      Hey, umm sorry for the inconvience, but What happened to airazor? Says he's banned. What did he do. If you don't want to tell me what happened that's fine.
    4. Airazor
      Happy birthday.
    5. Airazor
      I've just been feeling her role was quite diminshed from season one and to be honest, she's kind of been in the back. I liked how she was given a sort of antagonistic relationship with Smokescreen and I did enjoy that she stopped this after he finally did something right. I guess most characters in the series have certain characteristics I expect them to carry with. Though I tend to ask questions, I will stop if this irritates you in any way, as I know what it's like to have questions hammered at you repeatively.
    6. Airazor
      The original plan as I recall was for the Prime team to make a total of four seasons, with the first being finished around it's announcement and the next three being outlined. That was the main reason I was confused of the series being ended after it's third season. This may be an intrusion of you're personal opinions, but what was your overall feeling towards Arcee's role in the second season of the series?
    7. Airazor
      I would like personally to see it connected. I just fell like all of the characters in the series with the excepticons of Optimus, Bumblebee, Bulkhead and Arcee need to be focused on more and have their backstories explained. I particularly was saddened over the choice to end the series after it's third season, with only a few episodes compared to the others to boot. I guess all good things have to come to an end. Do you think the third season being the last was a late minute decision?
    8. Airazor
      Do you believe that of the confirmed 2014 series will be a continuation of the Prime series?
    9. Airazor
      Pardon my asking, but are you an enjoyer of the Prime series?
    10. Airazor
      The one of which you made during my thread regarding a possible revival for Dreadwing.
    11. Airazor
      I felt your comment was true and to the point.
    12. eagc7
      okie dokie
    13. eagc7
      Wanna know what i got for Xmas?, if so want Pics or just want me to tell ya?
    14. Nemisispath
      I like your sig!
    15. Kylehudson14
      Well some ppl might see it as a possibitly thats hes dead. I know that some parts in the UT where buildings fell on TF & they died. And u saw how big the base was compared to them, and I assume that blast went all the way thru. Im just saying, everyone will see it differently. TFP is so out there & daring, some might even consider they would go as far as G1 (Optimus dead) Although Im sure they showed Optimus' arm for a reason.
    16. Kylehudson14
      That was hard to look at. The star saber protected him, maybe :D
    17. Kylehudson14
      I know man.

      btw Watched it again, & yeah that is his arm, not moving at all. Damn.
    18. kaijuguy19
      I can see Prime dying in the season 3 finale all right. And in a way I expect Wheeljack to die around that time too.
    19. kaijuguy19
      That's an idea too.

      Wheeljack however will live. There's really no proof of him dying other then his ship crashing down.
    20. kaijuguy19
      I never said he's dead and I never thought of it because I know he can be alive. I'm just speculating that's all.

      Well I'm expecting her to at least be shown in the pod because the way they played out showing her in the pod makes me think we'll see her again.
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