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    1. ProjectShocwave
      That's what I thought... he does get me Supreme Takara deals (lol)... otherwise I hope your right, time will tell at this point because I may get the Takara Menasor over the Hasbro one (I do have all of the Hasbro Combiner Aerialbots thus far, but originally wanted the Takara one's because I'd rather have them all in one boxset as Takara sells them over the separate Hasbro packaging).
    2. ProjectShocwave
      This is how I know this (better yet question it). Sure I get my Hasbro stuff from TRU or Walmart (or online even). But the guy I get all my official Takara stuff assures me they won't be compatible. Although I would not like that (as most won't either); it makes sense because they are two official brands geared for two different geographic areas. Hasbro wants North American support and Takara wants Asian support - especially for these combiners (and of-course the European market and the rest of the world is shared by both Hasbro and Takara).
    3. ProjectShocwave
      No problem, I just thought I'd kindly ask. After some research - I'm pretty sure they won't be compatible. Thanks
    4. ProjectShocwave
      Hey man, do you know if the Hasbro Combiners will be compatible with the Takara Combiners?
    5. pokemonsdoom
      Pretty cool dude.
    6. pokemonsdoom
    7. pokemonsdoom
      I kind of figured by the fact your sig has something from deviantart and it is kind of hard to stay away from that site when you get a taste of some of the art on it
    8. pokemonsdoom
      do you play skyrim?
    9. pokemonsdoom
      I am talking about the fact we both like Arcee and frequent on Deviantart, my username there is chaosalphaandomega,
    10. pokemonsdoom
      i feel like me and you could be nice friends, we both have somethings in common,
    11. Lord N
      Lord N
      hi are u a pokefan also nice sig
    12. kaijuguy19
      But what is going on? What clip? I only saw some clips of the episode and nothing had Arcee in it save two seconds she's in the background. So what is going on? (I haven't been able to see the episode yet.)
      Well the clip for this newest episode had a brief history of the Predacons on Earth that looked to condradict most of the previous backstory of the show that got people including me riled up. However upon seeing the episode in it's full form it was not the case. It was overreaction to my part because I thought the show was gong downhill from it. I was wrong so I'm calm now.
    13. lobius
      again sry if I've confused but like I said u don't have to add me no since dragging it out, but like I've said I'm not airazor
    14. lobius
      lmao and you asked me who I was that's why I stated my name lol
    15. lobius
      but to be literally honest this is my first account lol and I'm from the country so n all honestly I don't take well to false accusations, and its my real name lobius is my nick name. I've never been banned and to be honest I dont intend to be banned anytime soon. But like I said seen some of your posts and like em hence why I sent the friends request
    16. lobius
      and this is my first account here funny your accusing me of being someone I'm not, but like I said before you don't have to add me if you don't want to its you're choose. to be honest though even I wouldve looked at my profile before to see when I joined before I accussed me of being someone else that I'm not
    17. Superwheeljack
      Whose Lobius?
      Can you send me a link of his profile?
    18. lobius
      I've been an active member since before airazor got banned
    19. lobius
      huh my names shawn kester I'm from ohio and I was gona add airazor lastnite only to find out he was banned
    20. lobius
      dreadwings revival I forget were else js I don't really keep tabs on all threads I've commented on
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