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    1. Bri Guy
      Bri Guy
      I wanted to ask you if you were looking for the Galvatron gun/ship to display with Haslab Unicron’s head and the autobot shuttle? I thought I read somewhere that there was a way to do this, and that you can also acquire the Quintesson and/or Junkion ships too, but I can’t seem to find anything online. I just thought you might be able to help…if not, no worries, but thanks in advance!
      1. MetalSamamon
        I just got the Galvatron ship from someone here on the forums. I am not sure how to put it on the dispaly stand with doesn't fit onto the same port/stand as the one for the Autobot Shuttle (different sized/shaped plugs and pegs). I would like to get the Quintesson ship too, but I haven't seen anything online at all yet, official or 3rd party. I'll let you know if I find out anything. Thanks! ^^
        Jun 29, 2021
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