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    1. FanimusMaximus
      Fuck striving, I want a girlfriend.
    2. Poncho
      If I may suggest, Poncho, how about this one is the tactician/strategist of the group, well-suited to contemplating long-term plans, figuring out enemy tactics and the like? Essentially a master of the legions, a true strategy wiz!
      Sure, and I'll make him a real prankster too! He'd be a real pain in the fanny! I had that aspect of him down, I just didn't know what role to stick him in. Thanks!

      Ooh, you could go for Onxy Prime. That one was said to be the first one to have a beast mode, and could make for a cool bestial contrast to the others!
      I decided I was going to use the Last Autobot, but that's too many "normal" Cybertronians. Shit, Onyx it is then!
    3. FanimusMaximus
      I just wish I could get a girlfriend, snake tail or not.
    4. FanimusMaximus
      Im loving that gif you posted.
    5. NemiMonkey
      Well it's a deliciously flawless win. Just have to take what you can get.

      Well somebody has to be Scrappy. As far as I know very few if any like that annoying little runt(Scrappy).
    6. NemiMonkey
      Reptile is just in the back playing jacks or something. Poor guy, overshadowed by all the other ninja.

      All for da moisture. Precious liquid gold.

      Hmmm works for me. I guess if you want to get into the minutia, Papi could be Scrappy. Nobody seems to really like her all that much. :shrug
    7. Puck Hockey
      Puck Hockey
      Okay, you're always welcome in the anime thread!
    8. Puck Hockey
      Puck Hockey
      Same. Does this mean you're gonna keep up with anime somewhat regularly? Or was this the exception (and exceptional it was!)?
    9. NemiMonkey
      Wait does that mean Suu is Scooby and Papi is Daphne?
    10. NemiMonkey
      Scorpion superior, Sub Zero inferior.

      They never suspected the cute little blob.
    11. Puck Hockey
      Puck Hockey
      Ahh, 'tis over. 'Twas a good run.

    12. Wars
      And we wouldn't that happening, now, would we? :p
    13. Wars
      Merely a whim. Thankfully no brain transplants were required :lol
    14. NemiMonkey
      You've been watching too much Sub Zero gameplay haven't you. :lol

      Just don't tell anyone what the water really is.

      It might not be a facade but merely a progression in her learning. She imitates everything she sees including all the actions and words of the other girls.
    15. NemiMonkey
      Well I guess time will tell. Ice Age doesn't seem to be dying out any time soon.

      Now that would be a unique attraction. Castle shaped swimming pool.

      Oh Suu you little scamp. So much like a little kid yet so naughty at the same time.
    16. NemiMonkey
      Wonder if Dreamworks plans another Shrek movie.

      Yup like Juvia from that one episode of Fairy Tail where she damn near drowns everybody in the guild(think filling up a building about the size of a Medieval Castel).

      I'm an episode behind since I'm watching it free through crunchyroll.
      Hmmm I was going to say I saw a few gifs from the episode and it looked like this "Do it for her" meme for Suu was accurate. Can't find it now but one of the pics was just normal Suu with serial rapist underneath.
    17. Puck Hockey
      Puck Hockey
      Surely she must have misheard.
      Centorea glanced back at the lamia, her body piled on top of the saddle. Miia stared back expectantly. "I'm sorry Boss, what was it you asked of me?" This seemed to confuse Miia even further.
      "Come on, we don't have much time" was all she had to say, with a tap on Centorea's bum. The oncoming vehicle could be seen roughly 100 meters away, a distance easily closed at its current speed. It was true that there was a prisoner on board, but surely there were other ways to stop the vehicle.
      Another tap. Centorea's face blushed from embarassment. She couldn't jeopardize the mission but she also didn't want to tarnish her honor. She looked back again. Two more taps. The Boss was getting impatient. Centorea gave in and, with a tear in of her eye, took a deep breathe.
      She was left to herself while Miia triumphantly slithered over to check on the vehicle that had swerved out of control, a bit of brown smudging its tires.
    18. Puck Hockey
      Puck Hockey
      "Get back! Don't touch me!" Draco hardly veiled her disgust as the slime girl cheerfully delivers supplies.
      She channels her accusations through her pointing finger. "Miia! You should be in this boat with me! Your darling would still be here if it weren't for your precious nuke!" As the boat lowers into the waters, the crowd moved up to see while those in charge stayed behind.
      "Am I the only sane one here!?" Draco attempts to hide her face and whimpers out, "... it's not my fault..." As the boat finally hit tide, the rocking motion sent her into a panic.
      Overlooking the exile fading into the horizon, Mero finally lets it out. "She'll be telling tales about us, you know. About the black hearted Diamond Musume."
      Rachnera counters optimistically, as expected. "One day she'll see through the lies she's built up. Realize what kind of person she really is. You can't run from yourself forever."
      Mero only snorts in response. The lamia simply looks in silence.
    19. FanimusMaximus
      What your favorite girl introduced in th D arc?
    20. FanimusMaximus
      I don't know. I'm the kind of guy who would just get in a big group hug with all of them.

      Except Rachnera, I don't really like her that much.
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