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    1. NemiMonkey
      Smith-san, the only person that would prefer instant coffee over fresh ground.

      When you realize your mistake, tis all but too late, your fate be sealed in them big green eyes.
    2. NemiMonkey
      Well you forgot no.3. Make the bad coffee and your ass is first to go.

      Moe: the ultimate weapon no force on this earth can resist.
    3. NemiMonkey
      Just in case we both over do it, we'll call the hospital in advance. :ev:

      Just don't give her Ice Coffee. That's a guaranteed instant death.

      Nothing can beat the moe effect.
    4. NemiMonkey
      We shall amass as many brands as possible. First one to sugar coma wins!!!

      Don't forget her affinity for coffee. That's an important factor in the chase. A Smith-san without coffee is an easier Smith-san to run away from.

      Lol Suu would use Hedorah as a pet. He'd be like a wittle Chihuahua to her. XD
    5. NemiMonkey
      Maybe it's something we should test know for science.

      It's off to musume heaven. Where the monster girls roam free and there's no Smith-san to flee from.

      Godzilla would just turn around and go back to Monster Island. He already has to deal with enough shit as it is, don't need no giant Slime Girl.
    6. NemiMonkey
      Hmmm. How many donuts do you think it would take before someone would go into a sugar coma?

      Smith will either handle her own dirty work or sick the Mon Squad on you. Best kiss your butt goodbye now, because one way or the other it's getting blasted into oblivion.

      Suu, when conventional weaponry just doesn't cut it.
    7. NemiMonkey
      Consume all that lay before you, let none stand in your way.

      Watcha gonna do when Smith-san runs wild on you!!!!! Run the hell away(not that it would do you much good) that's what.

      I think a sliming probably would be like getting off lightly compared to what she is capable of.
    8. FanimusMaximus
      True...But what if she's not there...
    9. NemiMonkey
      Don't think about it Meta, just go with it. Consume the bite sized donuty goodness and think not of it's name.

      Well she don't take no shit when she actually gives a shit. Ha! Guess it's a good thing she's rather lazy then otherwise who knows what would happen.

      Huzzah finally found the time to finish up Monster Musume. Damn life and your accursed sidetracking.

      Suu may be the moe ecchi bringer, but she honestly reminds me of Lucy from Elfen Lied. You get the cutesy little moe, but when shit hits the fan, the real danger unleashes itself.
    10. FanimusMaximus
    11. FanimusMaximus
      I love how she's the most perverted out of all of them.

      I mean what other girl would want to listen in on a bunch of Love Hotel rooms all at once?
    12. FanimusMaximus
      Your fetish I presume?
    13. FanimusMaximus
      Well she's hot but she's not honest though.
    14. NemiMonkey
      Even donut holes will suffice. Just need that sugar fix.

      No one shall be the wiser, because if ya find out she'll make sure no one else does if ya know what I mean.
    15. FanimusMaximus
    16. NemiMonkey
      You would be too if you were forced fed those cardboard rice crackers. A man needs his daily donut, ya know.

      OH I'm sure she could easily squeeze it in the budget and by that I mean make Manako do it(poor poor Manako).

      I'm going to have to get back to you on that. Been a tad too busy so haven't watched 11 yet. Although I can say Miia probably would be towards the bottom of the pack. Didn't mind her so much early on, but later episodes her antics just got on my nerves.
    17. Puck Hockey
      Puck Hockey
      lol she's pretty sly. She seems only to talk freely when none of the other girls are looking. Can't be too careful around that one!
    18. NemiMonkey
      "LOW CARB DIET NOW!!!!!!!!!"
      *Reptile horrified face*

      That's a lot of cramming. Darling needs to upgrade to a H2 Hummer.
    19. Puck Hockey
      Puck Hockey
      1. Suu
      2. Lala
      3. Papi
      4. Rachnera
      5. Mero
      6. Cerea
      7. Miia

      Suu is adorable to me and I crack up everytime she starts swearing because she looks so childish. Love them all though.
    20. NemiMonkey
      That's a dark but delicious road. Soon he'll be Reptile the overweight ninja.

      Well if it doesn't work out she'll forget anyways and continue being the happy go lucky Papi she always has been.

      Drive nothing how do they all fit in that fucker. Looking at you Centorea.
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