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Dec 16, 2019 at 4:28 AM
    1. FanimusMaximus
      Yes, yes I did.

      For some reason now I'm getting into Papi.
    2. FanimusMaximus
      I honestly though that just because you got Rachnera as a sig. :lol
    3. FanimusMaximus
      Are you using the bug lady?
    4. FanimusMaximus
      How you doing today friend?
    5. NemiMonkey
      Ah just imagine if it were in game. Forget shiny being a serious pain to find and catch. New levels of stealth must be used to obtain the Paranoica.

      I'd go with the Predalien. It just wants that dominance more. Nobody wants Shao anymore. :lol Poor guys time has come and past.
    6. NemiMonkey
      More annoying to catch than an Abra, even more useless than a Magikarp, heard from miles away comes the paranoid wailing of PARANOICA!!!!! Not coming to a movie theater near you 2017.

      Tis the only logical next step. Shao Kahn, Kotal Kahn or the Predalien. Who will stand at the top?
    7. NemiMonkey
      The first paranoid Pokemon thanks Gamefreak.
      The Faeries are coming to get me!!! I just know they are!!!!! *glances into water* AHHHHHH THERE'S ONE!!!!!!!! *runs past bewildered trainers*

      Ooh that's cool. Wish they'd throw in the Predalien too. All the strength and cunning of a Predator with all the deadliness of a Xenomorph.
    8. NemiMonkey
      Yes, all the combinations that gamefreak never wanted. Like a Dragonite mixed with a Jigglypuff. It's it's own worst nightmare. Mwahahaha

      Yes we've all had one of those nights. *nods and stares into the distance
    9. NemiMonkey
      Someone should just make a Pokemon horror game with all the fusions.

      Just have to be mindful when playing and drinking, there are just some things you cannot unsee no matter how hard you try.
    10. NemiMonkey
      Aaand as if it wasn't terrifying enough give it Oddish's voice. For that extra spine tingling factor.

      Hours of fun for the entire family. Challenge your friends to see who's the most creative or most diabolical. Bonus points if you actually make your friends scream in terror at the sight of your creation. :D
    11. NemiMonkey
      Mother of all's it's like it's trying to console you about your impending death with that cutesy face, but the sheer visage does nothing but instill paralyzing fear in your entire body.

      Combined the creation aspect of Spore but keep it limited to all Pokemon. Unholy fusions spanning all generations. IT.....WILL......BE.......GLORIOUS.........and a smidge terrifying. Like seriously that Alakazam/Bulbasaur. Look out Slenderman thar be more dangerous nightmare fuel.
    12. NemiMonkey
      Not a good sign when a large creature looks at you with those adorable horror eyes and what appears to be drool at the corner of it's mouth.
    13. NemiMonkey
      Science has gone too far!!
      Pokemon Fusions - Album on Imgur
    14. TFan2013
    15. NemiMonkey
      Or you could go the pokemon route and just collect them all. Why be selective when you can have them all.
    16. NemiMonkey
      Custom made harems now even easier to make.

      Oh dear..........
      Now THAT right there is prime example of how animated would not work in the real world. Incidentally that girl kind of looks like my cousin. Hmmm
    17. NemiMonkey
      Yes so many choices, so many possibilities. It's hard to choose just one favorite.
    18. NemiMonkey
      Probably both but who cares it's amazing!!

      That's an interesting question. You have to figure they exist somewhere. Look at the different forms of zombies. If it's possible for them to exist then it's perfectly plausible to reason that we could have a Tiger Shark girl. They may just not have been discovered yet, just like how we are always finding new species of animals in our own world. Takes a bit of time and digging but hey they're there.
    19. Puck Hockey
      Puck Hockey
      *Hank walks in on Scott smashing a spider*
      Hank: "Scott, Rachnera is your favorite correct?"
      Scott: "Oh definitely."

      *Scott attempts to walk off before being AHEM'd in place*

      Hank: "Scott."
      Scott: "Yeah?"
      Hank: "You're full of shit."
      Scott: "Oh yeah."
    20. NemiMonkey
      Danger be damned we shall face all that comes with a sugar highs and wide grins on our faces. HUZZAH!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Tell me about. Given how many there are and all the subspecies, you could damn well make a Sentai show that could run for a good 6 years solid easily.
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