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    1. FanimusMaximus
    2. FanimusMaximus
      Watch the first episode and you'll find out.
    3. FanimusMaximus
      *sniff* it's very warm...
    4. NemiMonkey
      The power of the moe is something to be feared.

      You know what this game needs, a good action figure line.
    5. FanimusMaximus

      It was so hard, it was so hard man! :(
    6. FanimusMaximus
      Then why didn't you hug me when I was watching Cross Ange?!
    7. FanimusMaximus
      So your always prepared for hugs huh?
    8. NemiMonkey
      Such is the life of a monster.

      Gotta prioritize those accessories.
    9. NemiMonkey
      Pretty sure nobodies looking for them at all. Well, okay, maybe the families of the dead monsters but that's it.

      They wanted to add a can opener too, but they ran out of room. :D
    10. NemiMonkey
      Much pleading was to be had, but no fucks were given. Many a monster lost it's life for an absolutely pointless reason. Legends say, somewhere there lays buried the tons of unsold monster blood bubblegum.

      Triborg really reminds me of the cyborgs in one. Leatherface though, yeah haven't been this excited since Spawn was added to Soul Calibur.
    11. NemiMonkey
      Yeah, Cassie, I don't think people want monster blood flavored gum. That's a business venture that was dead before it even arrived.

      When birth control pills just aren't enough! :picture of Cassie winking and giving a thumbs up:

      Well......finally some fighters I'd actually be interested in using. :D
    12. NemiMonkey
      She's here to kick ass and chew bubblegum. Guess what monsters, she's fresh out of bubblegum.

      Thus on that fateful day a new term was coined. Do you want to get intimate with that special someone without fear of getting pregnant? Cassie Cage it!!

      Who in the what now? No seriously I am so out of the loop when it comes to games now a days. :lol
    13. NemiMonkey
      What do little monster children check for under their beds?
      A: Cassie Cage

      Daddy's getting a little out of hand. *BAM* Right in the nuts. Explains why they don't have more kids. :lol
    14. NemiMonkey
      The most experienced and elite of the Predators give her a wide birth. They dare not hunt lest they become the hunted.

      Me thinks Sonya taught little Cassie a wee bit too much. :D
    15. NemiMonkey
      Doesn't matter what generation. Pokemon trainers all over have felt that sting that is the lost catch.

      Cover your groins lads, the little pig haired demon cometh this way.
    16. NemiMonkey
      Master Ball ready, trigger fingers on the A button aaaaand P.........motherfuckers running, after him. Taillow used fly. It was ineffective.

      Heh heh. I can just imagine a little Cassie Cage yelling at Shao like he was a bad cat or something. Switch to her glaring at him while he sits in the corner on a little kiddie stool twiddling his thumbs with his head down. HAH Karma bitch!!!!!!!!
    17. FanimusMaximus
      She's still worst girl though.
    18. FanimusMaximus
      Mero would make a better mistress then a wife.
    19. FanimusMaximus
      It would be kinda weird dating her considering how childish she is.
    20. FanimusMaximus
      She's an adorable little ball of silly.

      And she's of age so that's a bonus.
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    "You will remember my sting!"
    "I've already forgotten your name."