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    1. nobleboivin
      Yeah I should have been more specific about the names. Sorry about that. The names come from a couple figures in Greek and Roman mythology who are hunting goddesses
    2. Ranger Silver 6
      Ranger Silver 6
      they need to be head on, and keeping it at the upper torso would be good.
    3. Ranger Silver 6
      Ranger Silver 6
      Hey, got a favor to ask. Think you could take a few closeups of Mao Chao I can use for my comic?
    4. Saberfrost01
      As you know I call my Howling, Glaciade Howling
      You might also be aware that I have a Benio and a Waffebunny.
      Neither of the other two has a confirmed name so maybe I could ask you for an opinion?

      Do you think Jennifer Benio is a fitting name for well, a Benio of course.

      Waffebunny isn't worth bothering with a name unless I get a blank body for her to use.
    5. nobleboivin
      I know its not my place but I have a suggestion to solve your Funnies problem which I posted on your funnies strip.
    6. Merchhounds
      But there is one really big thing that I didn't like about it thou.
    7. Merchhounds
      So if I get what you are say is that I should try to make a more of a normal type of Photocomic to see if that is where my passion is or not, Do I've get that right or I am wrong. And as for When Life gives you Lemons I had start it as a way to work on dealing with my fear of people there is a name for it I just don't know how to spell it much less say it.That is why I though that would be a good way start. Thou there are some part's that when the PA was taking out of that are not to bad I think. I have always like taking pic's and I like doing this comic it just that I couldn't make this idle work any more,(If I had it working to begin with) I'll just need some time to think on it that's all.
    8. Saberfrost01
      I may sound harsh in what I'm about to ask but that is not the intention. But something is bugging me that usaully wouldn't but on this occasion something feels off so I must ask.

      Do you or do you not have a passion for making photocomics?
      Do you feel a spark that burns brightly or does nothing but charred embers remain?

      I'm not asking about Life Gives You Lemons, I'm asking about you as yourself outside of any specific work.

      If you don't have a passion for Comic making now- did you ever have a passion for making comics or does your passion lie elsewhere, do you know what you are passionate about or are you still searching?
    9. Saberfrost01
      The anime is called Infinite Stratos and I'd highly reccomend it to any Shnki fans/collectors. Similar concept but with Humans as opposed to androids. All 'gear' users are female except for one.
    10. Merchhounds
      WOW Unn No What is this from? I haven't see this before....It's just a lighter color gray then I had use.
    11. Saberfrost01
      So err, that thing you have going on with Strarf and the eyepatch. Is it because of this? [IMG]
    12. Merchhounds
      That's okay I was just trying to show that Benio is going crazy.I was planning for that Air-Raid was that she would use it and make a Evil Clone of Saber.That was all I was trying to do so that when I can get on with the story some thin's are set up to go.
    13. Ranger Silver 6
      Ranger Silver 6
      okay I was trying to be vague so as not to reveal spoilers about the Nova Prime thing. But his story has already been mapped out by myself and Fafireguy. Sorry, but what you seem to be planning here would completely ruin the story and given what it builds up to we can't have that.
    14. Ømnidrive
      I call Backfire...........he looks cool!!! Though if I could also get blades......that'd be nice.....I doubt it..........but eh. :lol :thumb
    15. Merchhounds
      Okay the one that's in it's Three wheeler mode is called Backfire, And the one that Red star on his chest is called Signal Flare. He is from Energon is a Omnicon.
    16. Ømnidrive
      Whose on the far left?
    17. Merchhounds
      At this time these are the only one's open.

    18. Ømnidrive
      Well what do you have that's not taken?
    19. Merchhounds
      Yeah it's okay I just need to know what kind of body you want to have for the comic.
    20. Ømnidrive
      Anytime my friend........hey do you think I can be in the funny one day?

      If not then it's universe just seem's fun and wacky!!! :lol
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