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I want FOC figures!!

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Sep 17, 2013
    1. eagc7
    2. eagc7
      you should change your "Tf4 & 5 should be stopped" if tf4 is confirmed and megs back
      i will, of course as long megs return

      BTW do you want all of the cons back (i.e screamy, SW, Shckwv and Megs) or jst one
      to me Megs, Starscream and Soundwave are the main cons for the movies, i dont see movie shockwave as one of the main cons, i'd like ressurection for the 3 of them, but u never know who they wil lbring back
    3. eagc7
      correct, if they return i'll support tf4

      And there was a red Chevy pick up in pics but was never sure who that was ...?
      it was never from the movie set, but a GM/or whatever company commercial set
    4. eagc7
      more proof i cant have tf4 without them is tha there are moments that i try to sotfen up and try to accept the movie with new cons only, but that does not soften me up, it jsut angers me, like last night, i had the feel to strangle something (something i said like a pillow, not someone), Bite something (something i said like a pillow, not someone), even pulled me own hair and got leg cramps, so that is also more proof i cannot accept having those 3 dead in a TF4.

      tbh i dont see why Bay killed them all off
      Because DOTM was meant to be the final Movie, but hasbro wants moar films
    5. eagc7
      ya know that in movie 2, scene was i expecting the most by Megatron ressurection and See Starscream once more, and in the third movie i was waiting for see when those 3 (megs, Starscream and Soundwave) would show up, also when i think of those 3 i sometimes feel hurt and despise the idea of tf4 even more cause its not the same without them that tells u how important those 3 are to me in tfs (despite beign an autobots fan)
    6. eagc7
      are you asking why why didnt get an up close transformation for optimus primes first transformation in DOTM like in the other movies
      No, i was asking people if THEY Thought we would be getting the close up transformation for optimus, i was not asking why he didnt had one, i was asking ppl if they thought we would get one
    7. eagc7
      there are always ways for ressurect someone in movies, some cons could easily likely steal the matrix from optimus or something
    8. eagc7
      Only way i'd accept TF4 is if they ressurect Megatron, Starscream and/or Soundwave, cause without those 3 i see no point in continuning
    9. eagc7
      wanna know what would had been the only thing would make me accept tf4
    10. eagc7
    11. eagc7
      Nah Gallloway have nothing to do with the Cons.

      as he is helping Nest in taking down some cons on the DOTM prequels

      And since laserbeak has been killing humans that have been working for them , he could have possibly killed Galloway , thus explaining why he wasn't in dotm
      According to the non-survivors, Shockwave was responsable for Killing galloway Along multiple NEST people and Most of the Autobots (Jolt was one of the autobots that perished)
    12. ironjazz
      happy new year
    13. eagc7
      Early Xmas presents
      Prime Deluxe Bumblebee (Opened December 7)
      Power Core Combiners Leadfoot with Pinpoint (Opened Morning of December 24)

      heres the rest
      DOTM Legion Mudflap
      DOTM Legion Crowbar
      DOTM Commander Preview Optimus Prime
      DOTM Human Alliance Icepick with Sargeant Chaos
      DOTM Deluxe Sideswipe
      DOTM Deluxe Laserbeak
      DOTM Deluxe Optimus Prime
      DOTM Voyager Optimus Prime
      DOTM Voyager Sentinel Prime
      DOTM Voyager Shockwave

      i didnt got anything cool from my relatives from my Dad Side, as they all thought i no longer collected toys due to beign a teenager, so they jsut gave me clothes (i. dont. like. clothes), they descovered that i am still a collector when we were leaving, they promised to give me money next year, however my dad sister is aware i am still a colelctor, so she gave me 20 bucks, From my relatives from my mom side, they already gave me money for me to buy tfs days before, some of DOTM Toys (expect Sentinel, Shockwave, Deluxe and Commander Optimus, which my dad brought on USA) u see on my haul are thanks to that money

      hope u got cool stuff too
    14. eagc7
      Wann see my Xmas haul (early xmas present included)

      if so in pics with a list, or jsut hte list of what i got?
    15. eagc7
      ya know the special features for DOTM wil lbe exclusive to the 3D BLu-ray release
    16. eagc7
    17. eagc7
      Ironhide didn't say punk in all three movies , he did in rotf and dotm but in TF1 it was jazz who says "trouble with the decepticon punks" jst as he climbs on brawl
      Punk was used in all three movies but it wasn't always said by ironhide
      Ironhide to Sam (in Movie 1): You feeling lucky, punk?
    18. jazz_123
      yea wanna add me
    19. eagc7
    20. tfcollector18
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