Megatronus the Fallen
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Jul 10, 2018
Oct 17, 2016
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Megatronus the Fallen

The First Decepticon, from Cybertron


Lost children of my children's children...bickering, whining, endlessly skirmishing metal awoken, for the fire has arrived. Jan 16, 2018

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Jul 10, 2018
    1. Megatronus the Fallen
      Megatronus the Fallen
      Lost children of my children's children...bickering, whining, endlessly skirmishing metal awoken, for the fire has arrived.
    2. Megatronus the Fallen
      Megatronus the Fallen
      Both Earth and Cybertron played a role in my humiliating exile. And both shall now pay.
    3. Megatronus the Fallen
      Megatronus the Fallen
      On June 21, I watched Transformers: The Last Knight at 9:15PM and didn't come home until about midnight. I loved it and I give it a solid 8.
    4. Megatronus the Fallen
      Megatronus the Fallen
      All universes seek equilibrium; they prefer to disperse energy, disrupt organisation, and maximize chaos. My time came once, but I returned.
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    "Death is the solution to all problems. No 'Bot - no problem."

    Basic Information
    Dropkick is among the best Decepticon assassins, saboteurs, and spies. He is infamous among the Autobots for killing thousands of Autobot soldiers, slipping past defenses, retrieving data, and sabotaging their ships, ending up with more Autobot fatalities. He uses his cloaking ability to sneak into Autobot bases, and as soon the Autbots are off guard, his cloaking ability disables as he thrusts his blade into an Autbot head. He uses his signature weapon, the path blaster, to pop a cap in an Autobot's chassis. His cyber venom darts knock his oponents off balance and can potentially lead to their deaths. His size deceives Autobots, making him seem like a low threat level. This deception is what he counts on, leading to their quick deaths. For a small 'con, Dropkick is not a force to be reckoned with. Yet, his single-mindedness to the task at hand sometimes causes him to make reckless and careless actions that could jeopardize his mission, which is one major flaw. He is also VERY morbid.

    Faction: Decepticon
    Function: Spy, Assassin, Saboteur

    Strength: 6
    Intelligence: 8
    Speed: 10
    Endurance: 6
    Rank: 8
    Courage: 8
    Fireblast: 7
    Skill: 10

    Vehicle Data
    Alt Mode
    : Cybertronian Car

    Max Speed: 10
    Horsepower: 10
    Ramming Power: 7
    Armor: 5

    Additional Information

    - In Transformers: Fall of Cybertron, I made him from Dead End's head, wheels, and arms, Jazz's body and shoulders, and Sideswipe's legs. His color scheme is a very rustic and greyish black and purple, due to the long years of combat.

    - When I made him a few years ago, I thought the name was original. Unfortunately, he is named after the Dropkick drones in G1, Dropkick drones from Transformers the Game, and Dropkick from the IDW portion of the first Transformers movie.

    - In his robot mode he has no set of wheels, but in his vehicle mode he has 4 wheels.

    - He was part of a squad of other deadly Decepticons (the rest of my custom characters), but they were either killed or missing.

    - Dropkick was my most developed character out of my custom characters.

    - Somewhere in my room is a Kre-O minifigure version of Dropkick (if I ever find him, I will post a picture of him).