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      OK I am going to write something about me on here I did get a message earlier about someone telling me about bashing the 2rd party products, OK this is my Opinion. To Everyone I do have the right to voice my Opinion as much as everyone does there we have freedom of speech in this country. I have seen people trash other things why Can't I if anyone tells me again will be ignored. I have been collecting transformers since 84 Non stop I have everything that was released in the US of the toys all the lines even a few from japan & all the UK toys I have. I care about Transformers So much & the real stuff I even picked having those rather much having a real life Family & kids to me transformers are my babies. & this is my Opinion about the 3rd party toys before 2007 there was none but when the movie came out they seemed to popped up to me it is like stealing Hasbro's & Takara's creation & making money off of it themselves which is copy right infrigement to me to me I would rather have the real Parts it came with. I have collected the entire collection of Generation 2 & beast wars I bought 2 of each transformers when they were in the stores since Generation 2. But I do know I a m entitled to my own Opinion like everyone else is so please don't tell me what I can & can't post I do not tell everyone how to do their thing thank you.
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