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Feb 20, 2015
Aug 21, 2009
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Megatron's Gun

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Feb 20, 2015
    1. jgoss
      how are you megs?
    2. jgoss
      happy new year!!
    3. jgoss
      that's cool megs i'm glad you found a job.i picked up a part-time job 2 months ago to earn extra money and to make ends meet.
    4. Megatron's Gun
      Megatron's Gun
      Thank you much, jgoss! Merry Christmas to you, too!

      Sorry I haven't been replying much. I finally picked up a job here about two months ago and I've been very busy since then. It is definitely nice to finally have one, though.

      I hope you have a good one today!
    5. jgoss
      merry christmas megs!
    6. jgoss
      how are you doing?
    7. cowclone
      ransdomly making friends
    8. jgoss
      what's up megs?
    9. jgoss
      not bad day off today. went on a field trip yesterday with my daugther it was fun. did you pick up rotf yet? i'm going to next week.
    10. Megatron's Gun
      Megatron's Gun
      I'm doing quite well, thank you. I am still very happy from the other day when I found Animated Wreck Gar at a Marshall's here in Dallas. I'd been looking around for him for a good long while, and I got him for $12.99 on top of that. Made it all even better. Just when I was beginning to wonder if I'd ever find him, there he was.

      And yes, I have considered getting an avatar and I have an idea of what I'd like to do for it. I just haven't gotten around to it yet... hahaha... Hopefully before too much longer I'll be able to mess around with it a bit to see if it will work well or not.

      How are things going for you?
    11. jgoss
      what's up megs? how are you doing?
    12. jgoss
      have you ever considered getting an avatar? just wondering
    13. jgoss
      i'll tell ya when my place does finally does close i'd love to get back into cooking. that's what i did in the navy.
    14. jgoss
      it's a job for now so i'm just going to ride it out to the end.
    15. Megatron's Gun
      Megatron's Gun
      I'm also very glad that you weren't one of the ones to get those papers. No one wants one of those things.
    16. Megatron's Gun
      Megatron's Gun
      I know it may sound crazy, but I'm not really interested in picking up the movie and I've actually not seen it yet. I saw the 2007 movie after it came to dvd when a friend of mine picked it up and asked us if we wanted to come see it, but with this one I probably just won't mess with picking it up. Even though there are several of the movie figures that I really like and that I have picked up along the way, I have always been a much bigger fan of the cartoons. I figure the money I don't spend on getting rotf could be used to pick up another one of the figures I've been waiting to get =).
    17. jgoss
      you got that right my place handed out lay off papers to people. i didn't get one. i'll be one of the last one's to leave most likely. are you picking up rotf when it comes out?
    18. Megatron's Gun
      Megatron's Gun
      Yes, the job situation right now is terrible. Most of the ones I have been getting now are either on sale for a really good price or given to me as a present because of that (Mixmaster was a present from my girlfriend and that controller guy was like $1.90). I finished my master's in May and since then I haven't had much luck at all. There are just so many people applying to every job that I get lost in the shuffle of all the people who have 10-15 years experience working at something. I am hoping that if I stick with it though one will finally come my way and then I can show them they made the right choice by picking me.
    19. jgoss
      not bad hanging in there. went over a friends house tonight and watched the bruins win and totally kick butt. just waiting for the red sox to start on thursday and hopefully win against the angels. i just wish that i had the money to buy some tf's but its tough i dont know when my place is closing and i'm hoping i can find another job.
    20. Megatron's Gun
      Megatron's Gun
      I'm doing pretty well, thank you. I picked up G1 Mixmaster the other day and I really like him quite a bit. I also randomly found High Score, the video game controller dude from the last movie, at Toys R Us while I was there. He is a really cool little guy for sure. How have you been?
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