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Sep 5, 2016
    1. DOTM Bumblebee
      DOTM Bumblebee
      I see. Thanks for clearing that up, and letting me know you hadn't died or anything. I'm glad to hear you'll be updating again relatively soon. Heck, it'll be in time for my birthday. :D Good luck.
    2. DOTM Bumblebee
      DOTM Bumblebee
      Hi. Just wondering where you've been. Transformers: RE hasn't been updated in a few weeks, and I am working on the assumption that college is keeping you too busy to make more of it, but I would like to be sure that you're still alive and well. Hope you're doing alright.
    3. nobleboivin
    4. nobleboivin
      Would it be okay if I did an arc with a similar storyline to your last SG Magnus arc, minus the SG Magnus and more, my Shockwave practically rips apart my comic and wakes up with a mess?
    5. Megatron_91
      Also if, by chance, that any of you are going to be at Salt Lake City ComicCon today, I'm going to be there too! It'a a birthday present from my sister. If any of you happen to be there and want to try and meet up look for the guy with a brown beard in blue jeans and an AOE shirt with Prime and Lockdown's faces on it. :lol

      I may get on again in a little bit and try to post an actual picture of myself to make things a little easier.
    6. Megatron_91
      Hey guys, my birthday was yesterday so I decided I should finally get back on and let you know what's been happening. The truth is I've been very sick for the past month or so both physically and mentally and having to move to a new place that I really didn't know didn't help. 2015's been a real rough year for me so far. I am starting to bounce back though, I'm no longer really that sick and I've managed to find a job up here so I feel a little more comfortable about my situation now. I think I'll be able to get Out of the Box back on track in October.

      There is one problem though, while I have shot another two-or-three arcs for Out of the Box, I got sick before I could shoot a "Conclusion" story for the big hiatus. Would that be okay with you guys if Out of the Box really didn't have a conclusion since it is only going on hiatus? In all honestly there's not much I can do about it since the only figures I have with me here are the one for the new comic.
    7. nobleboivin
      Posted the idea I told you about
    8. nobleboivin
    9. King Waspinator
      King Waspinator
      Hey, just to let you know, I started the storyline with the Galvatron duplicate I talked with you about. Feel free to give any feedback you think is needed,
    10. nobleboivin
    11. nobleboivin
    12. ├śmnidrive
      Nice new sig :lol
    13. Purple Heart
    14. Purple Heart
      Purple Heart
      Hey there M_91! I wanted to use SG Ultra Magnus for something...
      and wanted to have your permission, I didn't think you'd mind but I just wanted to make sure.
    15. Fanatic97
      If u wnat to perminitly get rid of o Mally Tron's body I can take it XD

      I can tighten the joints with my future floor polish..maybe XD
    16. Megatron_91
      Hey guys, I'm getting on to leave you guys a message. Updates will be delayed for a little bit. If you read the comic you know I got a seasonal job at J C Penny's, but with Black Friday coming up and all the extra hours and prep work they have me doing to prepare for that, I haven't had time to work on the comic. I'll try to get updates up-and-running again on Monday, but I can't make any promises. I know we had a plan to wrap up Reign by the end of November, but I don't know if that's still going to happen. It's no big deal though I can happily go into December if needs be.
    17. Megatron_91
      I'm just getting on here real fast to give you guys an explanation for the delays recently. Basically real-life hit and I've been forced to put Out of the Box on a brief pause for the past week, I'm still working things out and I should hopefully have an update by Friday, but, if not, I will promise that I'll be back by Monday. Sorry again for the delays, I'll try to get everything back up and running soon.
    18. nobleboivin
      Doing my first Q&A and my first reader included party. Any advice and any questions? Maybe questions from your transformers?
    19. nobleboivin
    20. nobleboivin
      Blew your arms off in my latest update. :D:ev:
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