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    1. Enerjon Monkey
      Enerjon Monkey
      Hi Megatron118

      I'm relatively new here and I wanted to ask a moderator for advice on starting a thread on a subject that I've noticed a lot of people want to talk about, but may require to be monitored.
      Didn't want to cause a headache for you guys without asking lol.
    2. IgnikaMarcus
      Hey man. Messaged you with the total for the trailblazer.
    3. loof
      Hoover dam, miss you bud. You won't read this for months, of course, but eh.
    4. LRJ2007
      Good luck, and stay safe!
      1. Megatron118
        Thanks man, appreciate the kind thoughts
        May 28, 2020
    5. EmceeDel
      Dope Linkin Park avi!
      1. Megatron118
        Thanks man! LP Soldier for life!
        May 3, 2020
    6. Thanos1
      Hey man is there a private messenger on this site or just the wall here on your profile? I had a question from one of your studio series posts. thanks
      1. Megatron118
        I sent you a PM, see if you can see it in the upper right hand corner. Should be a red notification
        Aug 4, 2019
    7. Armageist
      I got him for ya (Noble Six).

      $4.99 + $.39 (Tax) + $1.49 (Bubblepack Envelope) + Shipping ($4-5?) + Paypal Fee (2.9%+.30).

      Let me know if you need him still.
      1. Megatron118
        I actually found one on eBay for roughly that same price! I forgot to update everyone on the MC thread. I appreciate you reaching out though and not forgetting about me. I feel bad that you bought it already; can you return it for a refund? Or I guess you could sell it to someone else in the thread who needs him
        Jul 22, 2019
      2. Armageist
        Oh no worries. I'm glad you got one. There are people on reddit internationally that can't get their hands on these so it'll probably go to them. And targets great with returns since you have 90 days.
        Jul 22, 2019
      3. Megatron118
        Dope, thanks for understanding. And thanks once again for even looking, I appreciate it. Mattel’s distribution is so ridiculous sometimes. I still see pegwarmers from series 6 and 8 around here; can’t imagine how difficult it is to find them internationally
        Jul 22, 2019
    8. WEEGEE
      I see you to are cursed with knowledge.
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      2. WEEGEE
        Come on!*through grit teeth*
        Mar 14, 2019
      3. Megatron118
        All that for a drop of blood?
        Mar 14, 2019
      4. WEEGEE
        You have my respects m118.
        Mar 14, 2019
    9. Nemesis Otaku
      Nemesis Otaku
      Congratulations on becoming a Moderator!!!
      1. Megatron118
        Thanks man :D
        Feb 13, 2019
    10. Autoboticon
      It's cool man, well in the after credits scene, Winter Soldier actually gentley asks for help, so it might be Hydra who actually laid the trap.

      Well in the comics, it's all about powers, this movie will be more how heroes affect our world. Basic story is, someone will always cause some massive accident, lots die. Government wants to register heroes so no more like these stunts can happen. Tony agrees, because as we see in the films, he's leaning to protection, he finds that the government is for once right. However Cap says that's not freedom, and low and behold. Civil War.
    11. Autoboticon
      Since that end credits scene will be in the next film, Cap means by 'The Accords" That by now Tony will be with the government for the registration act, so to contact Tony, a now Government official, to help relocate a convict/terrorist. Well, you can see how that wouldn't be allowed.
    12. EnergonWaffles
      Grats on the first semester!
      So tell me how it went, if I'm not being too nosy XD You have fun?
    13. EnergonWaffles
      Yeah it's a list with all straight A students on it,. I think
      They'll often send a certificate to your house
    14. EnergonWaffles
      Ok back on a pc!
      Grats on making straight A's! So that means you made President's/Dean's list, right?
    15. Moy
      Happy 2015 :thumb
    16. EnergonWaffles
      Hey there! Will write more when not on a phone but wanted to say Merry Christmas!
    17. EnergonWaffles
      You know if you go to pbs website, they have a ton of full episodes of their old science/nature videos. You might already know, but figured I'd mention it
    18. EnergonWaffles
      mhm! Larger avatar status is a perk for Supporters. Click up there where it says "Be a Supporter" and it'll give you the details on how to become one.

      And yeah I did watch Cosmos- love those shows! Sadly Cosmos was taken off netflix recently :(
      There was a great PBS one about the Sun, though. I did not know it took photos 100k+ years to make it to Earth from the center of the sun!
    19. EnergonWaffles
      It wasn't hard since I actually enjoyed learning the material- mostly loads of memorization and lots of reading. The math wasn't bad- just plug and chug.
      Only thing I wish I'd done differently was learn why certain formulas were used. Forgot them as soon as class ended haha

      Best part was getting to see all the slides- it's such an amazing feeling knowing you're seeing light waves that are several million years old+ when you see some stars.
    20. EnergonWaffles
      Yes those are fascinating. Astronomy especially- still have all my coursebooks from those classes.
      Wouldn't worry about math too much. Moms a microbiologist and dad works in animal research and frankly, they don't use much beyond basic algebra. If you passed calc you're probably good to go XD
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