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Jul 30, 2014
    1. eagc7
      Wait. A human is going to be the main villain in a TF movie? How is that going to work? I don't see it. What, is he going to grow to Transformers size and take over the planet?
      We had a main human villian before in DOTM, so we can have humans as villians in the tf franchise. TF's had lots of Human enemies before. so theres no problem with them having a Human adversary, plus they could easily do the same as DOTM where we have both a tf villian and a human villian
    2. biocon
      Hi are you doing?
    3. UltraAlanMagnus
    4. biocon
      it is me lord megatron shockwave at your service.
    5. nobleboivin
      If you want to read something halloween themed regarding Arcee read my fanfic Arcee: Friend, Warrior, Monster
    6. KayeMinor
      i don't mind the roleplaying.
    7. ironjazz
      hey did you stop with the roleplay of is it still going on?
    8. Atlas42
      I may be banned, but don't forget me.
    9. DJPrime39
      Hey i like ur role playing, its actually entertaining, the people getting mad just need 2 shut up and let u do u, have fun = )
    10. Atlas42
      I befriended you because I don't mind the roleplaying, but you should keep to a minimum for the sake of others here.
    11. lordmegatron64
      sup. you don't know me, but you should. because you're trying to impersonate me. and i cant have that. Wishing you get banned.

      The REAL Megatron

      P.S. The fact that you ruined Roleplaying really makes me mad. Roleplaying is only fun when EVERYONE wants to take part. Thanks to you RPing has become a crime. Good going jackass
    12. decepticreep312
      Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, Lord Megatron, but stop freakin role playing on the boards.
    13. Kylehudson14
      Hello lord Megatron. I have been asked to see if u have been on Tinychat recently. Have you?
    14. tfprime32
      its for teach kids about hazards, plus it takes place in the same continuty as prime thsu the cons are busy with the tfp cast, i havent seen the show, but i read people saying that optimsu said that the rescue bots are not really designed for fight!
      are you serrious??????????
    15. Fallout
      hello, lord megatron! i am fallout, member of TFW2005 FORUMS!! i bring you this message to tell you to knock off the roleplaying! it's rather annoying to me and generally everyone else around the forums!

    16. Eric
      Seriously...stop. Just stop with the "I AM MEGATRON" nonsense. If you want to role-play as him, do it on some other site that encourages role-playing. TFW2005 is not such a site. This site is for discussing Transformers, not role-playing as them. If you want a role-play subforum on here, then ask one of the mods, admins, or the owner of this site. I'm sure they'll at least consider the idea. Otherwise, people are going to continue to give you hate comments and call you out. Fortunately for you, I am above giving hate comments after the nine years I've spent on this site. This is simply just a suggestion, and nothing more.
    17. Saberfrost01
      By the way. DON'T try to role play as Megatron all over the boards. While not against the rules, technically, it annoys ALOT of people. Thus leaving you open to Hate comments and I won't be defending you. Infact I'll likly side with them if you annoyed me to. But fortunalty for you, I have a LONG patiance. :ev:
    18. Saberfrost01
      It's not my group. WHY doe s EVERYone think I'm in charge. I simply kept a log of all the activity. Like an archivist. Besides THe group isn't actully for role-play. but it is for showing appreciation to the Decepticon cause.
    19. eagc7
      *evil laughter*
    20. eagc7
      Transformers 4 cant be made without Lord Megatron!
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