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    1. SteveJetfire
      Can you sell me a headflap for Elite Optimus Prime? Thanks
    2. blownhemi
      Just wanted to let you know that it looks like someone is printing and selling your head flaps as their own on the Robosen Facebook group and Etsy. Same dude that is selling the stand I created and offered up for free on Facebook. A post he made of it: Dude's name is Mik Kar and he just loads the STL in Tinkercad as proof he made it himself.
    3. TKC4402
      Hi, are you still making the Robosen Prime head flaps?
    4. ZeldaTheSwordsman
      Apologies if my reply in the thread where I was asking about ratchet joints was overly dismissive. I appreciate your reaching out and trying to help me.
    5. ClownKing
      I just got my OP. I see you weren't making any more head flaps until you got more red.
      How much does the red cost? I could pay extra to get you going again. Way cheaper and easier than me buying a printer.
    6. BigChief7
      Im also interested in the Robossen Flap. Send me your PayPal info
    7. Hiro Prime
      Hiro Prime
      Hey dude, what's up these days?
    8. dbrn
      Hi, new member here. Just wondering if you're shipping your robosen Prime head flaps to Canada, and if so how much we're talking including shipping? Also, do you provide instructions for installation? Thanks!!
    9. Gate0fBabylon
      Do you have the files for your generation's metroplex upgrade up anywhere? I recently bought metroplex and was looking to get one but then I saw you aren't printing anymore.
    10. ArceeMe
      I'm gonna try not to sound like a broken record as other ppl have here but do you still have any generations jetfire kits left?
    11. SentinelSigma
      Hi, i saw you were no longer doing printing. i love your upgrades and finally got a metroplex for my collection. Have you considered selling the files for personal use? I have fdm and sla printers i could print the parts off with.
      1. Aaron G Smith
        Aaron G Smith
        Did this work? I just learned about these
        Mar 1, 2020
    12. Kwolf
      Hello again,
      I am writing you because I am wondering if you still make metroplex ramps? I purchased some from you before an I would like to purchase again.
      I would like to buy 2 white ramps if possible also if you have any leg joints so his base mode can be in a different configuration I would purchase those as well. I hope to hear from you. Thank you.
    13. shadeozero
      Hello I sent you a message for purchasing items from you. Please get back to me at your earliest convenience.
    14. Rwillie1877
      Hi, I want to order a kit for metroplex Ge, how do I go about? And extra ramps if possible.
    15. Fabio Massera
      Fabio Massera
      Hi! I’m interested for knee of Metroplex and three pieces of ramp.. how much for everything and shipping in Italy? Thanks
    16. samuel rodrigues
      samuel rodrigues
      Can you print it with ANY 3D printer or do you need an especific type of printer?
      What´s the best material to use if you want a solid toy ABS or PLA?
      How solid is going to be the toy? Like Hasbro´s solid?
      Do you need to sand the pieces or they´re already smooth?
      What´s the best software to use to create them?
      How durable is going to be?
      what´s the best way to deal with tolerance´s issues?
    17. samuel rodrigues
      samuel rodrigues
      Hello Mr MegaMoonMan, I´m sorry to bother you, but I hear you are kind of an expert when it comes to printing Transformers in a 3D printer, sooooo I find you because I´ve some questions in that area, and I think you can help me out, If you dont want to answer me thats 1000% OK, pretty sure I crossing the line in here to make you waste your time in this nonsense, but if you´re willing to do so, here are my questions:
    18. SixshotMKVI87
      I am interested in buying the Pc-16 Jinrai Prime neck adapter too. Please.
    19. Shockscream13
      I would like to buy a pc16 Jinrai neck adapter as well, please.
    20. Kwolf
      Hello, I was wondering if you still made the ramps for Generations Metroplex, also if you had any ramps for Titans Fort Max, I appreciate your help. Thanks.
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