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Jul 2, 2013
Dec 18, 2007
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Jul 2, 2013
    1. Deceptigtar
      yeah thats my job man i had in chicago and now in boston. its the coffee place yeah. lol.
    2. Deceptigtar
      yeah man, got to keep those things nice and neat! whats the handle? the store address in boston?
    3. gonzo23
      Padre sold it for me on ebay! As far as the car goes, the front bumper is scratched up from an accident 2 weeks ago and then sunday I got hit from the side. Very minor, but very pissed!
    4. gonzo23
      Yeah, well it didn't work! LOL I wanted to keep it but nned the money to fix my car!
    5. Matrix Soul
      Matrix Soul
      Dude, your PM box is full
    6. Weedicron
      My pleasure man! Good to hear you got the exclusives you were trying to get. As for DCU stuff, I have all of Wave 11 and I've found half of Wave 12. I'm actually starting to slow down a bit on the DC stuff. I just want to build Darkseid, then I'm only buying a few select figures from Wave 13 and 14. But either way, let me know what you find.
    7. gonzo23
      Yeah, clean out your box!! And answer your friend requests!!! Lol
    8. Plastic Man
      Plastic Man
      Hey, you should clean out your PM box!
    9. gonzo23
      I thought I already was your friend!
    10. Weedicron
      Hey Paul, Hit me back bro!! Your PM box is full.
    11. MushroomPrime
      I was the one talking about needing the Iron Man. I have a want ad for it in the wants section
    12. Bryan
      Jesus, dude, no, it was the comment you made about disability in response to my question in that one dude's thread about his friend and the DC toy leg or sumthin'. Just made me laugh is all.
    13. Bryan
      For "being a bitch?"
    14. Bryan
      Out. Standing.
    15. scourge25
      Thanks again man for the heads up about the Voyager Primes and Grimlocks. Thanks to you i was able to get a Prime. Thank you peace
    16. xZAOx
      Clean out your PM box! Your rattrap is in the mail today :)
    17. nectarsis
      That was my last Primal I had, I had pics posted, I sold these well under value just to move em.
    18. Maximum Burn
      Maximum Burn
      Sorry to disappoint you, but that's a no. I think I checked that person out since I was browsing a thread of worst transformer buying thread. I am always curious.
    19. mykticon
      Hey Max-burn, I know this might sound weird, but I noticed you had visited Gettereagle's page. I was wondering if you knew this guy by chance. We struck a deal through the boards and he has since disappeared with a lot of my money. I am trying to find an address so I can file a mail fraud claim against him, but no one seems to know this guy, and he has been on th boards for years now. It sucks when you can't trust a fellow collector. Anyways sorry for the rambling, but let me know if you know this dude (Richard).
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