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Apr 23, 2018
Apr 5, 2005
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Apr 23, 2018
    1. doomtron
      Man sorry to hear that bro i hope youre wifes ok. I gave most of my collection to my boys trashed quite a bit after my ex left nearly 2 years ago i fell apart got hooked on that k2 garbage lost interesr in everything. Six months sober im starting the custom thing again going back to school looking forward to the anniversary stuff. I hope things pick up for ya the ex had gall bladder problems i know worrying about someone you love is hard
    2. doomtron
      Hey matt i recently checked the last pages of radicons we were all over are you still doing customs i havent seen anything from you in a while
    3. BLOODRAGED189
      Dude, you look like Dexter Holland.
    4. hXcpunk23
      Hey just noticed the RFTK thread bumped up and I wanted to drop in and take the time to comment directly to you on it all. You shouldn't blame yourself for it all being your idea and what happened in the end. I'm not sure who has the customs or what was left to do with it, but I'm sure there is still a chance to get it out there and earn some money for a great charity. You had a GREAT idea that has caught on with a LOT of interested parties. Not only does it offer something great for the charities involved, but it also helps artists to show their support and hard work, as well as showing everyone that this is more than just a simple hobby to most.

      So don't beat yourself up over it, my friend. You did a great thing and had everyone willing to help on some level and it came together for the most part because of your dedication to it. I'm sure it's hard to coordinate something like this with so many people involved, since everyone is on different schedules and possibly has a lot on their respective plates. BUT, you helped push it and take it very far--now you just need to stick with it and see it through. I'm still supporting you (and everyone involved) on this. Good luck and I hope you can get something done with it soon, man. You helped inspire the countless other charity auctions, so don't think that your idea was for nothing. In that way, you've helped more than you know.
    5. sentinalsupreme
      wow dude! thanks that means alot to me,your s@#t is live too.
    6. sentinalsupreme
      tell me wht you think of my abominus prime , be real i can handle it
    7. sentinalsupreme
      i like your toxitron, i had the the same color sceem for A .P. like the golden tree frog,but you beat me to its a really good work of art thank for your comment
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