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Mar 5, 2024 at 12:16 AM
Sep 11, 2008
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Mar 5, 2024 at 12:16 AM
    1. SoundwaveFanboy
      Same and my friend Barricade24 made the sig for me and the avatar I got off of Google
    2. Ash from Carolina
      Ash from Carolina
      Yea with all the re-designs they did for the costuming I'm not sure why they didn't work out something better for Stormshadow. Oh well as long as Cobra Commander gets a battle mask I guess I can live with the movie going dull with one ninja costume.
    3. Falconhood
      did you used to live in NC about a decade ago? I had a friend named Matt Starr here then.
    4. amproadbuster88
      Oh ok well you're welcome.
    5. Matt Starr
      Matt Starr
      Lol, no I'm good, I interact more with people if I'm on a thread rather than my wall here, but thanks!
    6. amproadbuster88
      Oh ha ha yeah. Well I still don't get why people aren't talking to you. Maybe you should start talking to eagc7 he's the most popular person on here lol then he might introduce you to everyone else.
    7. Matt Starr
      Matt Starr
      Hey amproadbuster, I was wondering the same thing yesterday haha! Thanks for being the first! It actually would have been a really good chance for you to use the proverbial "First!" comment.
    8. amproadbuster88
      Hello. How come you haven't gotten any post here?
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