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Aug 17, 2016
    1. Galvatron II
      Galvatron II
      Thank you. Merry Christmas right back.
    2. Burnout00012
      Well, if my hunch is right, I've got an AD31 Armor Knight Optimus Prime incoming! :D

      Merry Christmas to you too! And might I say, love the Krampus avatar (I hope that's what it is XD )
    3. bookwormdalek
    4. ZapRowsdower
      You are too kind, sir! I hope you have an excellent Xmas! :D
    5. NotRamjet97
    6. NotRamjet97
      Oh... I didn't know if they were or not. Then again, I'm the guy who payed $17 for an AOE Lockdown :o

      Cool. Blaster looks like a cool figure. Is Predaking the original or the taller one?
    7. NotRamjet97
      I was just wondering. Do you have a favorite?

      ...and they're getting more expensive?
    8. NotRamjet97
      So...erm... if I may, DO you own any TF figures?
    9. Meta777
      ...Rise of the Guardians? Err...Or the books based on them?

      Also, man...Bumblebee's innocence is just going to stomped to scrap by the end, ain't it?
      Into dust.

      That's brings some...disturbing questions about the Autobot government.
      To be fair, this is an energy scouting run, not part of the main war effort (Earth is outside of Cybertronian-controlled territory). But you are right, shady shit is going down. We'll find in due time.

      Primarily, the Infusion Process, which I will PM you about.
    10. Mechafire
      Happy holidays!
    11. Meta777
      But the actual word is theorize.
      dammit. I hate these kind of words where z and s could both work. Right, I'll get on that. If you see errors, lemme know, I'll fix them up.

      I keep thinking about that picture you made. I know the other Autobots are closer to Jazz's size, but I can't get the imagine of Jazz being a little action figure to everyone out of my head. :lol
      He's so tiny and cute! Check out the glossary and see where the height chart is, that'll give you clues on where each character stands (or in Nighttrace's case, floats)

      A GOLD Hound? Neat!
      It won't last, he'll turn green later, but I liked the idea that Cybertronians could change colour when they adopted alt-modes.

      Just wondering which it'll be.
      Ratchet's just a sad piece of shit :P
    12. Meta777
      I've never heard of it but I do now know of it, so woop woop!

      Hmm, that's an interesting proposal, Zero. Yeah sure, that could work! There would need to be plenty of evil around (so the Dark Drinker can have its motivation) but sure, she could join your crew! Pop me a PM and I can give you much details on her and stuff, whatever you need.
    13. Meta777
      Goddamn I suck, my memory's like a sieve without a sieve!

      YES I do remember her now! :D
    14. Meta777
      Faith Bringer? Can't say I recall. Who or what is this bringer of faith?
    15. Galvatross
      You got me researching me late at night, which is always a good thing. I now remember the Krampus from a National Geographic article called "Europe's Wild Men," which featured folk costumes for feasts and festivals from around Europe. There are some strange costumes in that article. I find such things fascinating. Heck, I find a lot of things fascinating. Much appreciated once more.
    16. Galvatross
      Thank you! I always appreciate learning new things. I'll have to research that one.
    17. Galvatross
      Master Zero, I'm not going to lie, your avatar is kind of creeping me out whenever I see it. Still, I do like the holiday cheer you bring to the boards with your posting behavior and title, so Happy Holidays!
    18. EnergonWaffles
      Oh, it wasn't rough. Just looooonnnggggg.
      Honestly the last thing I want to do is get on the computer after work, but I'll log on for you guys to see whats up in TFW Land haha

      You have a great holiday too XD
    19. NotRamjet97
      Ha! Jokes on you. I bought the Acme tomato deflector! I can say bad jokes all I want! Plus that coyote I got it from threw in a Roadrunner catcher for some reason
    20. NotRamjet97
      Tough crowd.



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